Bull Terrier

Bull terrier is strong dog of medium size. The body of animal is muscular with a broad chest. They have stand-up ears with aerial tips. Narrow eyes are deep set. Bull terrier has strong thighs and muscular shanks, paws are neat of compact shape. Dogs of this breed are basically of two colors: white and completely mixed. Dogs of mixed color are: black and orange and beige with white spots. Bull Terriers need a lot of exercise, but they feel good both in the city and in the countryside. They are fundamentally aggressive towards other dogs, so it's better not to walk with them without the leash. This breed was originated in England in the 19th century, by crossing the bulldog and now extinct white terrier. Those dogs were used as fighting dogs. Bull Terriers are very active and love games and are willing to play them for hours. So take care of having many toys of different sizes. The main thing do not give them as toys unnecessary shoes, otherwise they will spoil the shoes wherever they see it, even on passers-by. This breed of dog is very smart and clever. Dogs are friendly to people and they are still dynamic and courageous dogs. Thanks to their short hair it is easy to take care of them. Bull Terriers are subject to hereditary diseases and they may have skin diseases and destruction of kneecaps. Having power and physical strength, dogs of this breed can dominate in games with younger children. Also they are quite aggressive towards other dogs. Therefore, if you don't look after them or pull the leash they can long chase cats or dogs of small breeds. They are very stubborn dogs who love to dominate. There are many cases when a dog can be jealous of his owner to other family members, so it is the best to begin to train a dog from puppyhood. Bull Terrier is not suitable for everyone, if you decided to get such four-legged friend, you must understand, this dog is very aggressive and smart. However, these dogs are not picky in food, they eat everything. The height of an adult dog of this breed is 25-35 cm and weight is 11-15 kg. Bull terriers live 11-13 years.