Choosing a puppy

Choosing a puppy With a puppy and adult dog is always fun and interesting. But, buying a puppy, you take on more responsibility. You will have a long time to care for your pet until he can take care of himself. We must always remember that dogs live for 15 years or more Before you buy a puppy, you have to solve several problems. 1. Make sure you have enough big your house or apartment for the dog you have chosen. A big dog in a small apartment can drive you crazy. 2. Do you have a place where you can walk the dog, play with her, train her. 3. Do you have the sufficient amount of time to care for your dog. During the first few months of a puppy's life you have to spend a lot of time to care for the puppy. Will need at least one long walk a day. In addition, evaluate your financial situation. 4. You will need to purchase special equipment, food. Immunizations, treatment is also quite expensive. 5. Consider whether there is someone who can take care of your dog in your absence. You will not always be able to take your dog with you, for example, on vacation. 6. As long as you do not teach your puppy to celebrate their needs on the street, to endure as long as it will lead to walk, he would do everything at home, and it's naturally dirty. And not everyone likes it. In addition, puppies love to chew and chew everything that gets in their mouths, including carpets and furniture. Maybe you will go through all this. And how this will be taken by those who live with you? 7. Can get along with your puppy other pets living in your home. Cats, for example, are very jealous. If you are sure that will cope with all these problems, but now you have to choose the right type of puppy. Who will it be - a boy or a girl? Boys are more lively and aggressive, while girls are quieter and more devoted. Large or small dogs do you like? Large dogs, such as dog and Saint Bernard, calm and gentle, and the Jack Russell Terrier and Parson Russell terrier is smaller and more energetic. The highest breed dog, an Irish Wolfhound, English mastiff, greyhound. These rocks can reach 90 cm at the withers smallest breed chihuahua and light (12 cm at the withers), which weighs 0.9 to 2.7 kg. Do you want a purebred dog purebred or mixed breed? Purebred puppies are usually more expensive. Dimensions of purebred dogs have always known. Mixed breed puppies healthy and strong, come in a wide range of colors and sizes. Unfortunately, purebred breeds more likely to suffer from hereditary diseases. Who purchase - a puppy or adult dog? Of course, the puppy fun. But ask yourself, you have enough time and energy to bring it to wean smudge in the apartment, chew everything, find time to go to the vet, to plant, to teach simple commands, etc., etc. Try to purchase a puppy from healthy manufacturers and from the nursery. This puppy will quickly adapt to a new life in your home. If you are buying a mixed breed puppy, try, if possible, to learn more about his parents, to imagine what it will be when I grow up. Make sure that your puppy has had a lot of contact with more people. If this is the case, then he will grow up a good friendly dog. Look for this puppy that is coming up to you, will lick the hands and at the same time wagging his tail. Be careful if you have a puppy shy and hides or tries to bite. Talk to the owner of the puppy. He spends a lot of time with him and can tell a lot about a puppy as a person. Pick up a puppy from a mother at the age need at least 8 weeks. During this time, he grows and learns from his mother. Watch the puppy. What is it? Energetic or lazy, gentle or aggressive, nervous or calm. Check the health of the puppy. Before buying a puppy, you have to make sure it is healthy. Make a general visual inspection of the puppy. It must be circular, no lean. Healthy puppies are playful, show interest in everything that is happening around. Tummy puppy should be soft when you press on it. The tail should be clean and dry. The ears should be clean, dry, do not hurt when you touch them, the nose - wet and cold. Gladio should be clear and transparent. The fur should be shiny and healthy. Check for fleas puppy. If there is, get rid of them is not difficult. Many of the larger breeds such as German Shepherds, Labradors, Rottweilers can suffer from hip dysplasia. Check the history of the family. If you buy a purebred puppy, you must obtain registration papers pedigree, birth dates, recommendations, what and how often it is necessary to feed a paper on deworming puppies with the names of the products used, vaccination certificate indicating the period following vaccination. Also puppy registration papers must be submitted outlining the pedigree, date of birth, immunization records, and other details of your puppy. It is always easier to choose a puppy, if you clearly imagine anyone you want - just a little dog, guard dog, hunting. List what you want in your puppy: - Fur color, energetic or calm, - Size, - Ease of learning. Take full responsibility for purchasing a puppy. Remember that a dog is not a toy, a living entity with its own character, desires, needs love and affection. This is not a soft toy, which you can buy and if sick, throw it away. I hope you find a puppy you purchased a faithful friend and a source of joy and love for years to come.