Irish Wolfhound: stern giant with gentle and loving heart

For a long time of the breed’s history it's got different names: "Irish Dog", "big dog of Ireland", "Irish Greyhound", "Irish Wolfhound", "great Irish greyhound." Now we know them as the "Irish Wolfhound". Since the 300 BC we can find trancriptions about a gigantic shaggy dog ​​used for hunting wolves, wild bears, deer and other large animals as well as against two-legged enemies. It is believed this dog is the progenitor of the modern Irish wolfhound. Its name speaks for itself. In the Middle Ages, knights put on their armour the images of Wolfhound, which meant power and composure at a time. Besides hunting skills this dog was often used in palace guard and participated in fights along with its owner. Prolonged wars of our era and the destruction of all big game in Britain and Ireland, unfortunately, caused the extinction of this breed. At the same time the purity of the breed has been lost, the best advantages of the dog came to ought being mixed with other breeds. In the 19th century Wolfhound became forgotten. In 1885 Captain George Augustus Graham of the British Army began to restore the breed. They founded the club "Irish Wolfhound" and collected about 300 pedigree dogs. Irish Wolfhound is one of the most huge breeds. Its size is comparable to the size of a small pony. Some animal units can reach at the withers to 86 cm. The weight of these giants may be more than 54 kg. If it stands up on its hind legs, its height will be more than 2 meters. Till 1970 "The Irishman" was considered the tallest dog breed in the world, and has been listed to the Guinness Book of World Records. Irish Wolfhound has very rough hair with very strong and muscular body under it. Because of its size and weight, this dog is extremely strong, fast, elegant and hardy. The criteria by which the standards of the breed were determined, were formed recently. Breeders appreciate, above all, stamina and physical advantages of the dog. The variety of colors of the Irish wolfhound is sufficiently large. There are: gray of different tones, straw, sand, sandy-red, golden, yellow, red, brindle and others. These giants are very intelligent and very sedate dogs, friendly and welcoming, very obedient and loyal to their owners. Endued with such qualities as patience and dedication, they are excellent nurses, and it's quite possible to entrust children in care of the dog. But don't leave too small children alone with the animal. Irish Wolfhound understands the character and mood of the owner. He can't stand loneliness and will never live in a kennel or a small apartment. Wolfhounds like spending time outdoors and walks with action games. "The Irish" are very peaceful and curious, so they are not very suitable for security. But if the dog feels the danger to its owner and detractors will regret. For this reason it's very important from an early age to educate the puppy and to suppress aggression. Wolfhounds really get along well with other animals, but sometimes their ancient hunting instincts wake up. For example, Wolfhound and rabbits or chicken will never be friends. One day they may become a prey of a shaggy hunter. This ancient and newly revived breed combines the best qualities of a pet because Irish Wolfhound not only impresses with its power, but with restrained friendliness, calm and balanced temperament. This gentle and kind giant is an ideal dog for active and energetic people, who will find it very loving, intelligent, patient, loyal friend and companion. Since you've got acquainted with this dog, you can never change the breed. It's impossible not to fall under its charm and not to become a true fan.