American Staffordshire Terrier: true-born hunter

Previously, their role in human life was simple: Terriers often were used to catch mice, rats and other household pests. Later, these dogs were used by man for hunting burrowing animals - foxes and rabbits. The name "Terrier" comes from the Latin «terra» land. What is interesting: in each area of ​​Britain there were different kinds of terriers. In the XVI century there were lots of terriers of various shapes, sizes and colors. The difference in size was dictated by the size of the beast, whom terriers had to hunt . To protdect products from small rodents small and nimble dogs were used to hunt burrowing animals, small dogs could get a lag in a hole and to fight there. What they had to do if the venery was a larger animal such as a badger? Much more powerful and fast dogs were used for this with a fast grip and iron nerves and weren't frightened of the badger’s roar. Appearance and character After reaching the required qualities of the breed, a man often tries to give her a certain external characteristics. Probably, when you see an American Staffordshire terrier, it will be love at first sight. From the first second, it is clear that this dog is the embodiment of power, energy and strength. American Saffordshire terriers enjoy life to the full. We mean the dogs of this breed have a lot of energy and a very strong physique, and that's why these dogs for inactive people are above their strength. American Staffordshire terriers aren't demanding of living conditions, get ill rarely and don't need intensive physical activity, but still are very fond of walking with the owner. Moreover, the ideal variant would be riding a bike accompanied by a dog. This will allow it to throw out all its energy and you will keep excellent physical shape. Their color varies from sand or yellowish-brown to black with or without white marks. The color of this breed has wide variety of colors which allows to pick a color of every taste. They are always cheerful and energetic at the same time possess remarkable patience. These dogs get along very well with other pets, love children and play with them. In such a case, American Staffordshire Terriers have an extraordinary power of scent for dangerous situations. It won't get involved in a simple children's fight but will try to protect its owner from grave danger. It does not matter that the enemy can be several times larger than the dog, they're full of courage. Dogs of this breed are very reasonable and they will never allow themselves to bark or growl without a good reason. They treat strangers with caution but they will never attack just because of caution or suspiciousness. All this makes American Staffordshire terriers dogs which don't require "preventive training". American Staffordhire terriers by their nature are very attached to their owners. With all possible ways they will try to evoke your smile by making ridiculous jumps and antics. If you need cheer, it is always there it's your Staffordshire terrier, faithfully looking into your eyes and looking for at least a hint there, what he could do to help you. Of course, the big advantage of these dogs are their remarkable intelligence and obedience. Because the American Staffordshire Terrier has been related with people for a long time, adapted to the human way of life and habits, he truly became the best dog, which could wish a breeder. A wide range of qualities makes this unique breed ideal for everyone. Remarkable abilities to educate make them excellent companions for people who want to have an obedient dog for shows and competitions. Natural instincts make them good hunters and even better guards, the friendliness and playfulness make them the best pets for children of all ages. Due to its gentle and docile temper American Staffordshire Terrier is the perfect companion for you!