Rare breeds of dogs: Dutch partridge dog

The manner of hunting is the same as spaniel's manner and is not hurried, carefully spies out the land close to the hunter. Besides the inherent hunting qualities, Dutch partridge dog perfectly copes with the functions of the guard, companion dog and even the shepherd-dog. Thanks to the sharp smell, the dog has firmly established itself as a great bloodhound, which was used not only in hunting but to search missing people, pets and lost things. Officially, it was recognized as a breed in 1943. Sometimes it may be called Drentse epanol or patrijshond which causes a lot of debate among dog trainers. Majority of sources say Dutch partridge breed is characterized by purity without admixture of other pointing dogs. Dutch partridge is a large dog with a strong body and impressive height that is more than 60 cm at the withers. It's got thick hair, white color with large brown, rarely red spots. It requires regular brushing and other care provided for long-haired breeds. Head isn't large, a little long and is set on a massive neck. The ears are hanging, of medium size with a little set like other pointing dogs have. The dog is easy to train. The owner's command or even better to say "please" will be followed or at least a dog will do everything to follow it as much as possible. It is in its blood to please its owner and perform what he wants and it doesn't require coercion in training, even at young age. The dog has a high self-esteem. Any manifestations of rigidity and unjustified coercion can make a negative impact on its psyche and working qualities in future. Also, should be mentioned such advantages as undivided loyalty to the owner and his family, it has no aggression to other pets, calm temperament and the absence of inappropriate display of emotions and groundless barking. Dutch partridge dog can accurately foresee the sequence of events and immediately take appropriate decisions, even without a command. This quality isn't only typical for hunting, but also manifests itself in everyday life. Due to its physique and features, it's preferably to have a dog in the countryside - city apartment is not the best option. The article examines the main characteristics of the exterior of temperament, characteristics and historical data of one of the rare breeds of dogs - Dutch partidge dog emergence.