American, English and French bulldogs. Breeds' pecularities

People easily recognize bulldogs by the face in the folds. These loyal, discreet and phlegmatic animals are chosen as companion dogs, although originally conceived as a fighting breed. Now has brought many varieties of bulldogs, but the most famous are three which we discuss in the article. American Bulldog Also, the name "Old English Bulldog" is used. The highest and largest of all the considered Bulldogs, he preserved more than any other quality, the inherent to the breed: athleticism, strength and endurance. People keep it not only for decorative purposes, but also for the protection of the house, as shepherd or a bodyguard's helper. Classic color is red and white with brown spots; its height is 53-68 cm, weight - 27-55 kg. The tail of American Bulldog is longer than other Bulldogs, and there is fewer wrinkles on the face. Despite the comic appearance, the American Bulldog has a fast response; it is fearless, insensitive to pain. Often, it is physically stronger than a person is, and has the self-confidence and even a certain sense of superiority over others. However, Bulldog will never attack a weaker opponent, and it treats children as an object of care. American bulldogs are perfectly amenable to training. They are clean, do not bother the owner, and love to travel. They are suitable for the keeping in the apartment; even though the small size, compact Bulldog is able to stay in a modest area. English bulldog This is a little dog, thick and chunky, with characteristic flat snout, hanging ears and drooping "cheeks". Paws of the English bulldog are set wide, and short. The breed assumes height of 50-55 cm, weight up to 25 kg. Color can be different: white, black, red, brindle, with spots and stains or monochrome. English bulldog does not like long walks; it is more a coach potato. Fortunately, it does not belong to the dogs, which need a lot of exercise every day, 20-minute walk twice a day is enough. It often likes to chew things, and does not tolerate the heat and is prone to obesity. The English bulldog is quite lazy, stubborn and "canny". It is easy to train it; particularly important is to undertake the education of the dog in the first 3 months. Bulldog is faithful to its owner, so it is an ideal companion dog. French Bulldog The most miniature dogs: with the height of 25-35 cm and their weight does not exceed 15 kg. French bulldog is very similar to the English, but has a much more modest size. They are usually kept for decorative purposes. The tail is short, ears are wide and stand-up, like in a bat, and a closer look will make pleased anyone. Despite its modest size, the dogs are strong enough, whipped and muscular. They are brave and if see an enemy - they will fight, even with a larger opponent. The animal looks serious and even a little harsh, but it has a cheerful character. The French bulldogs like to be in the company of people, to play with children and share toys. Care and attention of the owner are important for it. Bulldogs of different breeds vary in size and appearance, but they have a similar character: they love their families; they are friendly, discreet, and more stubborn and get along well with other animals and children.