The reasons why dogs fight with each other

The dog will fight to protect the place where it lives. Besides dogs are jealous like people, with the same uncontrollable consequences of jealousy. If two dogs live in the same house, each of them can have its favorite in the family, and it may happen that they would tie to the same person. Then their relationship can be ruined by the potential jealousy. Be sure to evaluate the situation and do not promote the development of ardent feelings. The mistake happens in the moment when a person evaluates the conflictual relationship in such a way: "Look, he's jealous, it's so cute, isn't it?" You need to detect the potential danger and act properly. The correction of zealous behavior should be carried out using the leash and command "Off!" Then if after this your pet has acceptable behavior and understands that your home has no place for jealousy, award him with special favours. Keep doing it as long as you realize your dog begins to cooperate with you. If the conflict involves two dogs of different owners, people definitely need to monitor the situation and aggression of their pets, you need to show the dogs that you are dissatisfied with their behavior. First, both of the owners need to work with the animals individually, and then, together. It is necessary to win respect from the dogs, but do not bill and coo with them. In the case when jealousy regards children who are too small, adults need to control pets to cope with dog's behavior. If one of your two pets is aggressive, then work only with him, adjusting his behavior. All the dogs should follow obedience orders. In a situation when a young dog appears at home and the owner begins to deal only with it, disregarding the old pet, the old dog can become uncontrollable and aggressive, because the owner is too busy with a new one, it ceases to be a leader of the pack. All dogs in the house must be brought up alike. Contacting with each family member, the dog can behave differently, such as with the head of the family, who has earned the respect, or a teenager who doesn't particularly follow certain discipline and order in the house. Recently, the press has published information about how a woman at a restaurant with a knife stabbed the man who took a piece of food from her plate. This couple obviously had a problem with food share, just as it happens among dogs. Any dog ​​deserves a place to eat. The animal must eat with its usual speed and in right quantity and to feel safe during eating. The fight for the lady-dog may happen at the time when she doesn't have estrus. The son can fight with his father because of the mother, and the other male is in the house, even if he hadn't enjoyed the favorable attitude of a lady-dog, at this time he continues his sexual advances, protecting its owners, dogs can't properly assess the situation. Confident and obedient dog will better assess the risk, and nervous and insecure often makes mistakes, without knowing how to behave, and is constantly engaged in fights. Every time a new four-legged pet appears in the house, social hierarchy changes. It is necessary the old dog has dominated. First, it can try to keep its position, but faced with more ardent temperament of the new one or its large size, it can give way in strength and perseverance. In addition, a big role play age and health. Don't think the animal needs a company with a new companion or its life will be more fun. It is possible that it feels comfortable being alone. In a case when a companion is essential, be careful in choosing. Some puppies can suit your dog, others absolutely can't. Sometimes they cannot get along well in the beginning, but become good friends in the future! Some dogs become stronger when the new dog appears, others on the contrary, can slack. There are dogs, which find the meaning of their life the constant protection of their positions and can suddenly become completely unpredictable and harmful. Others are subject to the situation and retreat in dismay. The owners are often surprised how their pets change. You must know that the appearance of a pet into the family may leave an imprint on all households.