Bostonterer. History. Chronology of the breed

One story has it that the coachman developed the breed by crossing the Bulldog and the extinct English White Terrier, to create a new breed of dog fighting. Another that Robert C. Hooper imported bulldog and English terrier and crossed them in 1865, hoping to get a dog similar to the one he had as a child. Although we may never know what story is more true, but we know that the first dogs of this breed were not similar to bostonterera. According to the first descriptions of these were well-built, tall dog weighing about 32 pounds. They had dark - brindle with white markings on a square face. From the union with a 20-pound white dog named Kate, who belonged to Edward Burnett, of Southboro, Mass., came one puppy, named Eph. By all accounts, he was attractive, but he had other characteristics that Hopper and his friends admired. So he began to actively cultivate. One of his mating was with a dog named Kate Tobin, who weighed only 20 pounds and was a pretty-faced. She was golden - brindle. It is believed that their offspring crossed with one or more French Bulldogs, gave such bostontererov that we know today. But these dogs were first called in different ways, including a bullet head, round head, the American terriers, bulldogs from Boston. In 1889, about 30, and the owner of Bull Terriers in Boston formed the American Bostonterer club. The breed is recognized by the AKC in 1893 Coat color did not attach much importance. In addition, although the dogs being bred to comply with standards set out in the club, there was a lot of inconsistency within the breed. After several years of careful inbreeding to set the type, bostonterer, became so what we see today. In the 1900s, rock decals and colors were carefully recorded in the standard and are essential features of the breed. Bostonterer has three categories: under 15 pounds, from 15 pounds to 19 and from 20 to 25 pounds. They usually have a growth of 12 to 17 inches at the withers. No matter how much they weigh, the main proportion. Bostonterer quickly became popular in the United States in 1915, bostontererov were the most popular breed in the United States, staying in the top ten most popular breeds to 1960, and won first place in the list again in 1920 and 1930. In 1918, the exhibition was held with the participation of sixty bostontererami. Hollywood actors and actresses adored bostontererov. Silent film star Pola Negri and Rudolph Valentino, his bostonterera were taken with you everywhere, including restaurants and nightclubs. In 1979, bostonterer was named the state dog of Massachusetts. Bostonterer is the mascot of Boston University. Wofford College in South Carolina believes that bostonterer, and their mascot as well.