A companion dog

Probably none of the pets, has as many uses as a dog. From the earliest times, people took the dog on the hunt, it guarded home, it grazed cattle, helped to carry heavy loads ... And the list of its "professions" constantly grows! The companion-dog The oldest "specialty" of the home dog. Nevertheless, it was officially recognized relatively recently. A companion can be any breed of dog, but not one that is recognized to be a hunting dog, or to carry any service. Only a dog who lives at home and is a pet. Such a dog for the soul can be a mongrel dog, little Chihuahua or a bully St. Bernard... Many breeds were previously called lapdog, and now they are called companions. Hunting dogs, service dogs that have lost their skills and are "irrelevant" are in this rank too. They became friends for a man and now their main purpose is to bring joy to the owner: go for a walk, to perform various ridiculous errands, entertain him/her and be a favorite, which the master is proud of. At the same time, this dog should not annoy the owner, give him/her trouble, and attack the passersby... Angry and rude dog is not fun; it is a burden. The dog, which accompanies the owner while skiing or hiking, is a companion. - Agility trails There are also special kinds of sports where the dog with its owner are a united team. Such sport is called agility trails. The athlete must quickly and accurately carry out the dog, with commands and gestures on the track. The dog must not only pass on the track, but also to overcome the obstacles: tunnels, barriers, hills, boom and swings. Agility is hazardous competitions and bring both, the owner and the dog a lot of fun. Audiences appraise the purity of the passage of the dog on the highway, the speed of the passage of obstacles. Moreover, the only one mistake can deprive the dog's victory. Kids and adults, and the elderly people are interested in this kind of sport. The dogs of any breed and any size participate here! - Freestyle Four-legged pets love to dance! In addition, these dances are called freestyle. The owner and his pet dance, perform various acrobatic movements, thus, they should be subject to the same conception of dance. Judges and the audience appraise the harmony, movement, coordination couples, artistry and their suits. - Skijoring This is a new discipline. In this sport, the dog gets the title of partner. Only if the dog pass the exam of obedience and behavior.