Kurilian Bobtail

Kuril Bobtail is an elegant cat, which has a square body format; its croup is slightly raised back and reminds the body of lynx. Funny tail with the length of 5-14 cm is like a pompom and covered with long and thick hair. Cat color can be diverse, in addition to the color of the Abyssinian. On the cat show, if the cat is curled up in a cage, the outside people practically do not stop taking it as usual yard or home cat. However, once the animal gets up and stretches, many people come to see it. After all, the front looks like a cat, and the back looks like a rabbit.Short tail in the form of pompom and long hind legs it is not feline. Sideways, the cat resembles a reduced lynx. This kind is very unusual and attractive.

Kurilian Bobtail is a wild cat that lives on the Kuril Islands, and has a short tail. Cat head in a triangle shape with relatively large, straight-set ears. Hair is glossy and short, with a rich soft undercoat.The history of this amazing cat begins with the fact that in the middle Ages the sailors left on the Kuril Islands a few domestic cats. These cats became wild, but did not die.In conditions of severe isolation of survival, they have changed their appearance and some habits. Kurilian Bobtail is a kind of normal cat, although its appearance is hard to say so.Its unusual tail catches the eye. Tail is of a round form, in the form of pompom, as if it is not the cat tail but the rabbit. Outwardly, the cat resembles a rabbit; its hind legs are longer than the front, causing movement of the cat jumps are obtained.Bobtail body is short compared to a normal cat, but the growth is much higher. Because having long and strong legs, bobtail jumps more often than runs. It easily "flies" from one branch to another, and easily takes great elevation. They have highly developed jumping ability.

On Kuriles, a climate is very harsh, so the cats have long luxurious hair with thick undercoat. In length, it is similar to Siberian cats hair, and feathering on the legs and collar are like Persian cats hair. Bobtail hair has one important feature that is transferred to them in the wild. The hair does not mat and shed, has a rigid structure, and therefore almost does not get dirty. This feature makes the Kurilian Bobtail very suitable pet for an urban apartment. Bobtail sheds only once during its life, when kitten hair is changed to adult hair. Another feature of Bobtails is that Bobtail male cats do not mark territory. This is also explained by the fact that at one time they lived in the wild, where the smell of urine might lead to their permanent place of dwelling predators. Therefore, if you get a Kurilian Bobtail, then it is not necessary to do a castration.

Unlike other cats, which are often individualists and like to live alone, Kurilian Bobtail is a social animal. On Kuriles, Bobtails often combined in groups to hunt together.In a pack, they have no clear divisions as in dogs, but they are together. Their behavior is something similar to dog behavior; they are not attached to the house and to the man. Bobtail distinguishes its owner from other people, misses him when he goes away for a long time, and happily meets when he returns. Cats are very loyal and have the ability of a guard cat. The invasion of a stranger to their territory is perceived as a call to action. On Kuriles, Bobtails coped with production greater than themselves in size. There was a case when Bobtail staying in an apartment, attacked the thief who broke in. A 6 kg cat is able to bring down a tall man, scratches and bites him in a fit of incredible anger and aggression.

Bobtails are very fond of water. They love to swim, dive and fishing. If you take out your pet in the summer in the country, it will swim in the river or pond. Bobtails can fearlessly climb into the water, as if forgetting they are cats.In the apartments, they like to freshen up under the faucet, if the weather is hot. Wild weather conditions made a Bobtail an angler; it is able to catch the fish from the water, if it floats shallow.

Kurilian Bobtail is a very intelligent cat; there is no need to explain something to it, it instinctively understands. If you show it once what cannot be done, it will never do that. They are easily accustomed to the toilet and scratching posts. Many Kurilian Bobtail owners argue that these cats understand some of the words from the human lexicon. Bobtail is easy to train to follow simple orders, although the cat still always does what it wants.Do not take offense at the cat for it.

Kurilian Bobtail