Cat dietetics

Our pets live in cozy apartments practically all their lives.We try not to expose them to unpleasant and unusual conditions; we care about their comfort and well-being.Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, some owners forget about proper nutrition for cats.Meanwhile, your pet requires special feeding system for the proper development and health, designed to meet all the habits and characteristics of your furry friend. Most domestic cats, especially adults, become inactive.Then all as in humans: there is no movement, but there is continuous access to food.Hence obesity.In the average owner opinion, fat cats look quite sturdy and happy; they touch the owners.However, not everyone lucky pet owner thinks about how the animal suffers because of its obesity. If the cat begins to gain weight, you have to try to create all the conditions for the restoration of an active way of its life.You can start with a simple, quite funny game - hide food around the house.Using its instincts, the cat will find it; in fact, it will like it, as it feels like a hunter, and as a reward, and even get a treat.In addition, you can create your own or buy at the pet store cat a complex exercise.This new toy in your home will interest even the inveterate idlers. Diet must be selected taking into account energy consumption and daily needs of cats.It is important not to overfeed the animal initially, not to stretch its stomach, and thereby increase the need for daily food consumption. The energy obtained from food, first, must be spent on the maintenance of the body vital functions.It is not good to put a pet food as soon as it had its meal.Generally, the most common mistake of owners is that most of them overfeed their furry friends. Typically, owners buy cats the same feed, but with different tastes.However, it is extremely unsafe to buy feed without knowing its composition, manufacturer data, without knowing exactly what and how much is useful for the animal. Of course, it is impossible to find the right diet for a cat without this knowledge. If it is difficult to answer at least one of these questions, it is time to change the cat's food system.In any case do not run to the pet store, buy all imaginable and unimaginable for the treatment of stomach.In general, the purchase of unknown medicines and feeds is fraught with the negative effects that reflect in the health of the animal. Do not think that feeding a variety of expensive feeds uniquely protects your pet from diseases of the stomach.It is impossible continually all day to watch your favorite.Cats spend a lot of time licking their own body.It would seem that it is just a harmless process!However, it can run the big problems with the stomach.In the gastrointestinal tract, the particles of hair are mixed with food, forming big lumps.Some of these pests are out of the body in the faeces, but the other remains in the stomach start to grow in size, litter cats body and put its health at risk.This procedure for cats is quite natural.The cat will instinctively lick, and lumps will appear, some of which remain in the body.Only feed with high fiber content will finally get them out of its body.In addition, fiber reduces the caloric content of the feed. Of course, you should not completely deny the cat food.Food should be useful, containing vitamins.If the pets body, for example, will be lack of B vitamin, there is a high probability of developing liver disease, atherosclerosis, and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and if there is not enough vitamin A in the diet, the conjunctivitis may develop. Other essential components of the diet are proteins.The normal diet of cat consists of an average 25-30% of animal proteins.Overfeeding pet protein pet is harmful and can cause kidney and urological problems. Do not experiment on animals.Consulting with sellers at a pet store, reading the forums on the Internet, it is impossible to get a clear instruction for animal feeding.It is possible that a huge amount of received information will mix in your head, and when the owner will follow a variety of tips, the animal diet will only become unhealthier.An extended response and application instructions can be obtained from a vet; it is necessary to consult the vet in diet formulation and in case of any problems with the pets health.