Dogue de Bordeaux

Breed Dogue de Bordeaux
125-150 lbs
5-6 years


Many of us have had the opportunity to see the Bordeaux dog in the "Turner & Hooch" movie with Tom Hanks. Since the release of the film and thanks to it, this breed has gained massive popularity.
However, in fact, Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the most ancient French breeds. The massive dog with a muscular body and a large head is a typical Mastiff, of Molossoid brachiocephalic type. Consistent serious expression of wrinkled snout, stocky physique and unwavering self-confidence make it very impressive.

Its short hair does not require any special care and is unlikely to bring inconvenience. Periodic brushing will be enough. However, there is another problem - drooling. A man who is going to get the Dogue de Bordeaux should prepare for the fact that the dog will drool occasionally in the most inappropriate places, including clothes, furniture, floors and walls.

Unfortunately, this is not the only price you pay for its unusual appearance. Because of the structure of such a short snout, the dog is likely to be snoring during sleep. Moreover, it has problems with self-cooling of the body, and does not tolerate heat. Considerable time spent in the sun or strenuous exercise on a hot day can cause the most tragic consequences for the dog.

Overall, Bordeaux dogs have a good health, although there is some tendency to hip dysplasia and heart problems. It is not very active dog that is able to calmly dream all day, with occasional breaks for a walk or play. At the same time, it still needs some physical activity to be healthy.

Modern Bordeaux dog is a dog with much more quiet and gentle character than the one, which is famous for its pugnacious ancestors. It is devoted to its family, with proper education it is able to get along with children. It can even make friends with other pets if it knows them from puppyhood. Fearless and reliable, Bordeaux dog can become a first-rate security guard and bodyguard.

At the same time, it can be capricious, and will certainly try to take over the "pack". Considering its strength and stubbornness, it can become a big problem if we neglect training and socialization from an early age.

Presence of leadership qualities in the education of this dog is very important. Therefore, the owner of Bordeaux dog should be a responsible and hard person. Many breeders, in principle, do not recommend beginners to get this dog as the first dog.

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Pet Type: Dogs
Dogue De Bordeaux pupp...
Pet Type: Dogs
Dogue De Bordeaux Pupp...
Pet Type: Dogs

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