Chow Chow

Breed Chow Chow
45-70 lbs
9-15 years


A bear or a lion, such a comparison comes to mind when you first look at this large and powerful dog. The origin of the breed is lost in antiquity.
According to the Chinese monks, Buddha began breeding these dogs. In fact, their ancestors were wolves, which abounded in China and Mongolia. During the excavation, a bas-relief made before our era was found. There was a picture of a dog, similar to Chow on it.

Mainly hunters and shepherds used this breed. Sometimes, they were used as sled dogs. It is believed that priests and Buddhist monasteries grew the most intelligent and thoroughbred animals.
The breed appeared in Europe only in 1785. Travelers and sailors brought dogs. The first time Chow had been shown at a dog show in 1830. Exotic appearance gave a powerful impetus for the breeding and improvement of the breed. Especially that Chow is the only breed that has a blue tongue.

The lack of intelligence of these dogs is more than compensated by devotion and rapid psychological adaptation to the environment. The owner must be open and tolerant for its mind and ingenuity development. You must also learn to respect the dog's temperament.

The innate stubbornness creates huge difficulties in training and education of these dogs. It is argued that the representatives of the breed have a bad memory, but it is not so. The dogs remember only that what they need, not what they are required. However, if you start training at a very early age, you can achieve good results.

The representatives of this breed very carefully observe their personal hygiene. Therefore, care of dogs is quite simple: you need only occasionally to comb their hair with a metal comb and wash twice a year. It is recommended to wipe its eyes with soft swabs moistened with water every day. Every month cut its claws, although dogs themselves can grind them while walking on the pavement.
Keep this breed in enclosures or in doghouses in the backyard.

As natural-born guards, dogs do not lose vigilance and closely monitor the situation in the house.

The diet should include low fat and nutritious dry feeds. Sometimes, it is necessary to vary the feeding using the raw meat or marine fish, cut into small pieces. You can also give dairy products, rice and buckwheat groats.

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