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We a World cat federation registered small breeders from Lithuania. We currently have ruddy (ginger) girl and boy left! The litter were born on 5th NOV 23, will be available to leave after 5 Feb 24. Kittens are litter trained, scratching post trained, very intelligent, and well behaved. Reserve immediately to secure your luxury household pedigree pet.
Parents are The Baltics Champions.
Both parents Progressive Retinal Atrophy (rdAc) Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PKDef) negative
The Somali cat is a breed that is known for its striking appearance and playful personality. Somali cats are closely related to Abyssinian cats, and they share many similarities in terms of their appearance and personality. Both breeds have a playful and active nature, but the Somali has longer fur, giving them a more luxurious and exotic look.

Will be:

All vaccination, worming and microchip will be done

Kittens will be With Pedigree WCF.

For contacts: what's'App, viber or telegram

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Pet Type: Cats
Pet Type: Cats
Pet Type: Cats

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