Husky – a four-legged kindly soul with blue eyes

Husky has become popular lately. Many people buying Husky don’t think about a lot of different items related with peculiarities of this breed. Let’s consider the last in some detail. First of all, Husky is a breed of medium sizes with beautiful and thick hair, muzzle that looks like wolf’s one and unusually blue eyes.

These dogs have agile and playful temper and adore their owners, and that’s the main reason why people buy it. Husky is a bright representative of so-called sledge-dog breed and traditionally were used by people of North to transport people in the traces on long distances or all kinds of goods.

That’s why they are very hardy and absolutely aren’t suitable for guard, hunting and patrol purposes. These dogs are friendly to all people so they can hardly pretend to be a reliable defender of his master. It should be noted that Husky is not picky in place of living because they feel themselves comfortable both in apartment and in country house. Long daily walks combined with different exercises are necessary. If a person wants to buy Husky and can’t meet the requirements spoken above, it would be better to abandon his dream, because it will have bad effect.

Worth me ntioning is that Husky (like other breeds) aren’t fond of staying alone and when the master is absent they can cause serious damage to house things. Don’t forget, Husky used to feed itself. Therefore, they hunt finch (sparrows, pigeons) and cats in a city, in village they act as real fighters of chickens, geese and ducks. The main advantages of this breed are: their hair doesn’t smell and they don’t bark but they earn nicely and make sounds like singing. The main aesthetic defect is that their unbelievable blue eyes fade with years and become almost white, but this fact doesn’t diminish the aesthetics of the dog. In conclusion, we want to say Husky is the best dog for people which walk and travel a lot, in other words lead active lifestyle.