Choose for yourself "a lump" of happiness

When choosing a breed, think about how much time you can devote to your pet. After all, many people like magnificent hair of Yorkshire terrier or Collie, but not everyone is willing to comb it every day, and if the pet has a white or pale yellow color, it takes two - three times a month to bathe it. In addition, the Yorkshire terrier requires eye care because they emit moisture, leaving marks on the hair. Therefore, what breed to choose for life in the apartment? When choosing a pet, take into account the particular nature of the pet, the breed that impresses you. Chose the breed of medium size, if the apartment is small. Large dogs need much space. If you do not like training, you should not get a dog, for example, of a hunting breed. Yorkshire terrier The breed is very popular among the population, one of the favorite breeds of society women. The weight of the dog is very small (1-3 kg), so it will live well in all conditions. It likes to play with children and respectful to elders. It easily adapts to the life of the owner, and it is very devoted. They rarely get sick, so there is no need to visit the vet. They live up to 15 years. The only drawback is their hair that requires weekly bathing and constant combing. Pugs This breed is perfect for keeping in an apartment or private house. The only drawback of this breed is that the respiratory system of this breed is not suited for long walks in the heat and cold. The eyes of this breed are not protected, so there is a possibility of injury by bushes, high grass or cat's claws. The breed has developed sense of self-defense, and will not tolerate violence against them. Therefore, training this breed requires a different approach, based on equality, mutual respect and understanding. Dogs are very mobile, in spite of the tidy appearance. It will want to participate in all work, running at your heels. Because dogs are prone to overeating, it is necessary to feed it with small portions three times a day. The breed is easy to take care of, because they have short hair, it does not require haircut. This breed can be taught to the tray if you do not have an opportunity for daily walks. Collie This dog has all sorts of powers, due to its character. They are good-natured and devoted to their masters. They are able to adapt well to the style of his life. They like jogging, take part in active sports. They are very fond of children, happily take over the function of a caring nanny, playing and protecting them. For the older people they are great companions and intelligent friends. Collie tries to avoid conflict with other animals and strangers, but in an emergency, it will give a fitting rebuff to the enemy. A dog can be used as a good guard, and if to train them, they become great seeing-eye dogs. Collie is very temperamental dog, loving to play and run around. The dog vividly reacts to what is happening; it is inquisitive, clever and quick-witted, perfectly amenable to training and has an excellent memory.