Basic rules of puppy training

You cannot to put off the dog's training, because the pet does not have responsibility. If the puppy notices that there is no leader in the family where it lives, it takes its role sooner or later. The sooner you start to train and educate the dog, the easier it will be with it in the future. Once the dog comes home, you should immediately explain to it who of the two of you will be the owner. Puppies are well aware of people, always ready to go to meet them, but only if the owners will show wisdom, patience and rigor. Therefore, a puppy appears in your home. To start, make a clear schedule and always follow it. The daily routine should include exercise, feeding, games, sleep and walks. Specific time should be set for each of them. Dogs feel time and know when they will be fed, or go for a walk. The older they are, more restrained they become, but in adolescence often annoy the owner with begging. In such cases, you cannot give in to the whims of the dog. The dog must obey not only the owner, but also other family members. Of course, the puppy chooses the "main" man, but the other members of the household should not be sidelined. Let them also take part in education, feeding and walks. It is easy to teach the dog to follow orders. Speed ​​training does not depend on the duration of training, but on the total mode. Choose a specific time each day for training and engage a puppy of about twenty minutes. If you do not have much time, get an instructor specializing in the training of the breed of dog you have. Your pet will be much smarter and executive than its "peers" very soon. Each dog is sure that it lives in a pack. You, as the leader of the pack, should strictly follow all the rules and laws. The dog should not run ahead of you, let it remember that the owner enters and leaves the room first. If the puppy tries to go first, just suppress such attempts and indicate the dog to the inadmissibility of these actions. The owner always sits at a table first, and the dog must learn it. First, you eat and then fill the bowl of the puppy. The pet will quickly learn that you are the main in the house. You command in all games and give orders. Most puppies bring a stick, and then begin to whine. In this case, the owners regret pets and continue to play with them. This reaction leads to the fact that the dog eventually begins to manipulate the owner, and he will have to play with the dog at his first request. Take a stick and just put it aside, indicating the puppy that the game is over. In an effort to educate intelligent and obedient dog, a man makes unforgivable mistakes, which cannot be corrected later. Never hit a dog: slap on the tail is sometimes possible, but only slight and only if it deserved it. Dog experts do not advise to beat a dog with a leash or a stick, or to hurt it. First, the pet will be afraid of you, but then it will start to show aggression. For the same reason it is not recommended to shout at your puppy. The dog understands the command well, if it is given with calm and confident voice, without shouting. Do not leave small dogs alone for a long time. If your schedule does not allow to spend enough time with the dog, it is better to think about how to get a cat or a fish, because the dog requires great responsibility, much time and patience.