Classification of dogs - pets

For most people dog is the most loyal and reliable friend. A creature that irradiates love and affection to its owner. They make us smile and enjoy our life releasing sometimes from bad experiences. When there is such a miracle by your side, even though "the whole world turn upside down", but it is still there and you feel good. Initially, the wolves were first domesticated animals, which subsequently became the dogs.

At first they were only hunters, later the functions of watchmen were put on them. Genetically dog ​​was a wolf's image and only less than 100 years ago, they finally separated. Nevertheless, much later, our faithful friend became a pet. The first dogs were guards and helpers in hunting. Later they were divided into groups according to their vocation and external features. So, based on the history originally appeared guard and hunting dog breeds, later appeared lapdogs. Let us now examine some fundamental groups.

1. Lapdogs. These include small breeds, although in recent years, many hunting dogs refer to this category, because the boundaries of the concept are so vague that any dog ​​living in the house can be considered as a lapdog. They have no special purpose than to give us joy.

2. Guard dogs. In most cases, people buy them to protect private lands. They need special background and training.

3. Hunting dogs. They are divided into seven subspecies:

a) Hounds. They seek out game and haunt with barking it till exhaustion or when the owner catches it.

b) Terriers. They were bred to catch ratters and rodents. Sometimes they are called rat-catchers.It is recommended to keep them in granaries, stables, warehouses and in places where there is a probability of occurence of rodents.

c) Dackles. These dogs often stalk fox, badger or a raccoon that shows its stunning power of scent, also it can stalk it on a blood trail (duck shooting, for example). They are distinguished by friendliness and activity, mischief and curiosity. Despite its small size, they are divided into 3 types: standard, miniature and rabbity.

d) Huskies. They hunt bears and ground game. They have an incredible endurance. They are divided into three types: Russian mill, native Russian and European.

e) Pointing dogs. They hunt game-bird. They're ivided into 2 types: continental and insular.

f) Spaniels and Retrievers. They hunt small and dame-bird. They're divided into 2 types: continental and British-American.

g) Greyhounds. Hunting dogs which are good for open areas. Thanks to its long paws they have high speed, allowing them to quickly overtake prey.