TOP 10 lap dogs

1. Terrier is one of the smallest dogs in the world and is great for keeping in a small apartment. The dog is friendly and endlessly loyal to its master. Yorkshire Terrier prefers to dominate and it will always compete with other animals and try to prove their superiority. These dogs, despite their size are bold and desperate. They're energetic, cheerful and curious, you won't get bored with them. If you don't have enough time to be with the dog, it doesn't matter, because this breed is well taught to the tray. 2. Chow. This breed is considered to be one of the most ancient. Many argue that it can't be clearly the lapdog, as its representatives are excellent guards. But many people get this "fluffy bear" not for reliable protection, but for a splendid hair and unusual blue tongue. Regular walks are obligatory, as this dogis large. With the right approach and proper patience it can be trained. Dogs of this breed aren't very sociable, but they are obstinate, stubborn, straightforward and resolute. The animal will always require special care and love. 3. Chihuahua. It's impossible not to fall in love with chihuahua! Just look at his cute attractive face, his thin legs and it's done - you won't stay indifferent. But do not judge a book by its cover! An intolerable temper can hide for the beautiful eyes. This breed of dog is hot-tempered, energetic and sometimes very capricious. Chihuahuas can be vengeful and vindictive, for example, because you didn't give your pet goodies or just forgot to walk with it. But it is always curious, fearless and bold. It will always "support" the owner, will be able to cheer him up and chirk. 4. Shih Tzu. Homeland of Shih Tzu is China. This breed is ancient, and its representatives have small size, thick and long hair, snub nose and widely set eyes. At the same time color can be different - from white-red to blue-white or white and black. This breed of dog is gentle, sweet, friendly having the best qualities. It's also necessary to note Shih Tzu loves to be in the highlight. The pet is sociable and able to get along with any family member. It is moderately proud, sociable, energetic and sociable. 5. Maltese. The little dog was first discovered in Malta, in fact, thanks to it got its name. Maltese is an ancient breed, which is considered to be pure blood of perfect white color without transitions, spots or specks. This lapdog has so many positive qualities and to call it's color a major advantage, at least, is stupid. Maltese is endlessly betrayed, very sociable and energetic. It is always ready to give its love. The dog loves games with kids too. This dog is clever, but one day its stubborness can spoil everything and it's difficult to train it. 6. Pug-dog. It looks a bit clumsy and slow dog. In fact, it's one of the oldest breeds bred in China. It has a small flattened muzzle, which is covered with multiple folds of skin, protuberant eyes and kinked ears. The body is strong and athletic. Its tail is always twisted in the donut, which makes it even more fun. If it's interested in something, it will play with pleasure. This breed is friendly and easy get along with children and other family members. Pug-dog is intelligent and is easily trained. But if you're a busy person, then you shouldn't get this breed as it needs a lot of time and care. 7. Pomeranian spitz. This breed of dog is from Germany. It has a small body and long legs. Ears are small and the muzzle is a bit like a fox's muzzle. The peculiarity of this breed is that it has long hair and sheds rarely, which is very convenient for keeping in the apartment. Spitz is always cheerful, playful and friendly. This dog is loyal to its owner and wants to please him. The breed is perfect for those who want to get not just a lapdog but also a loyal companion. 8. Shar-Pei. Many used to consider this breed as a lap-dog, but it's endowed with fighting, guard and hunting qualities. The homeland of Shar-Pei is Ancient China. It has a large head and nose, strong and muscular body and legs and flat skull. The singularity of this breed is the entire body and muzzle are covered with skin folds, making the breed charming and unique. Shar-Pei is loyal to its households and it's always wary to strangers. The dog is friendly, independent and intelligent, but don't keep it if you have children, because some of their games Shar-Pei won't like. The owner shouldn't allow everything the dog, otherwise it will feel its own superiority and can capture dominating throughout the house. 9. Poodle. This dog breed is incredibly smart, endowed with aristocratic manners and appearance matches for temper. The poodle can be a great hunter, since it has all the features and addiction to it. This breed is easy to train, it's considered to be a circus breed for reason. It is friendly, energetic and is easy to get in touch with. Poodle loves to be in highlight, it's a born artist who is able to entertain its master with new tricks and stunts. 10. King Charles Spaniel. Grand people preferred to get this breed. The pet has a remarkable and simply charming appearance, docile nature and temper. The dog is mobile, smart, energetic and friendly. It's happy to share its cheerfulness with all people around, but the biggest part of its love and affection it always gives its master. The pet could live in a city apartment if to regularly walk with it.