Shar Pei - a friend for the whole family

If your family needs a reliable four-legged friend, then take a look at Shar Pei. Chinese ancestors of this breed were the fighting dogs. Today, these dogs are very sociable, intelligent, moderately clever and stubborn. They will not seek to be a leader, but will not turn into a toy. Signs of the breed Shar Pei dogs are dogs for hunting and protection. Of a strong constitution, they have square format, and the average size. Skull and shoulders of the Shar Pei is pleated and wide muzzle, it reminds the little Hippo. The forehead and cheeks continuing to form dewlap in wrinkles. The nose of this breed is large, with wide nostrils. Purebred dog has a blue-black tongue, palate and gums. The dog attracts funny frown dark almond-shaped eyes. Small ears, high-set, slightly rounded at the ends. The tip of the tail, broad at the base and narrow. The breed has medium length and straight forepaws, muscular strength and hind. Stiffness, bristly dog's hair and no undercoat provide clean carpets in the house. Color of the Shar Pei is solid, all colors other than white. The height of the dog at the withers is 44-45 cm. Shar-Pei's character These dogs are wise, able to understand the owner perfectly; accommodating. They protect all family members and they are friendly. Shar Pei is calm, kind and gentle, they never show its advantages, even before children. However, if the owners are in a real danger, furious beast fearlessly rushes to defend them, not noticing the pain. Shar Pei enthusiastically plays with kids, makes a morning jog with the owner. With the same pleasure, it sleeps peacefully, if the owner does not want to get up early in the morning. These animals are unpretentious to weather conditions: they feel comfortable in the heat and cold. A calm dog has an amazing aura, so it fits perfectly pepperer. Dog's habits Shar Pei is a neat dog, sheds quickly, so do not worry about the apartment. On the walks, it will not run through the puddles, and in the house will not gnaw the furniture. The dog cannot be left alone for a long time, since it is very sociable. If there are other animals in the house, the dog will not fall to squabbling; it will not hurt the weak. Shar Pei's health Representatives of this breed have an excellent immunity to various diseases. Nevertheless, many of them are inclined to the manifestation of allergic reactions. Therefore, a dog's diet must be carefully considered, an expert advice is desired. Shar-Pei is forbidden to eat goodies; you cannot feed a dog with hands. To prevent fungal diseases of the skin, the folds of the dog's body should be cleaned with disinfectant regularly. What does Shar Pei eat? Give the dog dry feeds containing rice, mutton, rice and poultry. While natural feeding, Shar Pei prefers rice, buckwheat and oatmeal. The body of the dog does not assimilate food of barley groats. It is strictly forbidden to give broths. The dog will be happy to raw meat with the rump, or cooked separately. The pet will not refuse to eat raw sea fish, pre-cooked and boned. Always give it water. Carrots, beets, pumpkin squash, greens, stewed in vegetable oil vary dog's porridge. After the meal, the lips and the four-legged suspension should be carefully cleaned from the remnants of food. Shar Pei is a worthy dog, the most devoted friend and great defender. It is vital for it to be sure that the owner loves and appreciates it.