10 breeds of dogs, which only seem to be harmless

Many people are touched at the sight of small dogs, finding them charming and inoffensive. Rarely, the first impression is the truth. There are rocks, the danger of which is underestimated by society. Chow Many will be surprised to know that in China these compact beings are used as guards. Aggressiveness, unpredictability and temper are the qualities of representatives of this breed. Do not be fooled by the cute exterior. Such feature as limited peripheral vision makes the Chow dog susceptible to sudden fright and anger following it. Dalmatian The breed's homeland is considered Yugoslavia; in this country, Dalmatians fulfill the functions of security guards protecting crews. Parents make a mistake choosing these dogs as friends for their children. Bull Terrier The nature of the breed is largely determined by training. Theoretically, correct education can eliminate the inherent aggressiveness of these dogs. However, the "fighting" genes are still a contraindication for the peaceful role of pets. Dachshund Away all know that the main function of these pets is hunting. The list of their shortcomings are not limited distinctness. Cases of attacks on the people committed by representatives of the breed are more frequent than cases of attacks by Rottweilers. Cocker Spaniels Despite the huge soft eyes and ears that make dogs very cute, they are dangerous. Aggression lies in the breed at the genetic level, even a competent training does not always help. The reason for this peculiarity is an increased sensitivity bordering on mental disorder. Beagle Beagle is a dog endowed with increased vigor. An impulsiveness interferes successful training, pushing animals to inappropriate actions. Owner's commands recede into the background, if the pet sees something more interesting. The dogs are tend to bite strangers without a reason. Pekingese The dogs absolutely do not like strangers. They do not like both young children and strange pets. Shar-Pei In the past, this breed was used extensively in dogfights, especially prized for fell. During the fight, Shar-Pei twists easily and can wound enemies. Its genetic predisposition to protect should be considered by those who plan to keep a dog in the house. Jack Russell terrier The popularity of this breed as a pet is relatively recent character. Previously, dogs were considered as companions for hunters, and helped to hunt down foxes. If the animal gets bored, any adverse effects up to the attack are possible. Chihuahua These lovely animals are dangerous for both their owners and their social circle. They are famous for their zeal; they do not tolerate attacks on the master's attention from other people. Everyone decides on his/her own whether to get such pets or not.