Japanese Akita dog - legend

Akita Inu combines many positive qualities of different breeds of dogs. Their behavior does not always depend on conditioned reflexes. This is a dog with a very high level of intelligence, ability to think logically and make their own decisions depending on the situation. Japanese Akita has a unique ability to remember and consider in the future experience of dealing with different people. Therefore, with all those who had left in her and our memory, it will always be friendly. With great trepidation, and patience, these dogs are the children, allowing them plenty of mischief in relation to itself. The child will be under strict supervision and protected. Akita Inu - very energetic, cheerful and sociable dog. She needs constant contact with the people, the movement and activities for the benefit of the owner. Otherwise, it will be absolutely miserable. The disadvantages of this breed include overconfidence and self-willed, but with the right education of these qualities will not disappoint the host. After all, Japanese Akita - a true samurai personality of this dog is in her nature. Under the correct upbringing means timely and consistent training a puppy good behavior in the community. Reach an understanding in dealing with the dog without the use of brute force - a way to get the perfect friend and companion for many years. The magnificence of this Japanese Akita dog lovers have long appreciated worldwide. Awesome dignity and aristocracy combined with incredible devotion, a sharp mind and great security qualities - this is the legendary Akita worthy dog for a decent host.