Communication with a dog

There are a lot of stories, books, essays, and films about dogs. Since long, they serve man, love their owners and completely are devoted to them. Four-legged pets are similar to their owners in many ways. Scientists have found that to imitate a man in such a way is a natural tendency to dogs, and they behave as in the pack. The pack of them in the modern world is the owner and his family. For courage, dedication and courage of dogs they are rightly called the best friends of man. Nevertheless, could a person be a true friend of the dog? To become a friend for your pet, you should not just take it to the house and take care of it, although it is important in both your and its life. Since you bring a small, trusting, wheezing and restlessness miracle in the house, your life will change. Even before that, you will need to read the relevant literature, buy all the necessary things for its living and prepare a house or apartment for its arrival. You also need to be prepared for the possibility of diseases and treatment of your pet and preventive vaccination at least once a year, for which it is necessary to look for the vet clinic with good recommendations. How we treat our pets, it will treat us the same, even though many dogs forgive their owners, even if they badly hurt them. Dog's loyalty has no boundaries. There are many cases when the dogs sat and waited for the owners, which left them at bus stops, at the railway/train stations until they died of cold and hunger. Many people would like to take them home, fed them, but they refused to eat or go somewhere with strange people and stay in place in the hope the real owner still find, and take them home. Yes, people did not always justify the trust and love of dogs. Very often, they take dogs for fun, present them on a birthday, without knowing beforehand whether the birthday boy/girl need a dog in the house, and then just as useless thrown into the street, when the animal annoys them or when figures out how much attention and care it needs. When we see other people's pets on the street, well-kept, beautiful, educated, understanding team, in touching dog clothes, many people want to have such and at home. Nevertheless, before that, we will advise to start to talk to the dog owners and know how much time, effort and patience is necessary in order to achieve all this. However, the dog owners will tell you there is nothing better than to walk together with your four-legged friend in the early morning or calm and quiet evening. About the expression of joy on the face of dog during the ball games with your children somewhere in a park or on a cozy evening at home in the company of each other. All the love and care you put into your relationship with your dog, it returns to you in spades! Different breeds should be raised a little differently. In addition, the dog training depends on the purpose you took it into the house. For some people, the dog is a sign of status. For other people is a reliable, cheerful friend and companion who is always waiting for a beloved master from work; someone gets a dog for protection or hunting. Foundations of training each owner determines for his dogs himself. Someone trains his friend himself; someone hires a dog handler, some take their pets to a special area for dogs, where the general course of training is held. One thing is clear, in any case, you have to talk, to communicate with your dog, and clearly pronounce the words with a calm tone. Communicate with it starting with the moment the baby appears at your home. Do not criticize, and even more do not beat it for some minor violations, disobedience, if it suddenly went to the toilet in the wrong place. It is enough to bring it to a violation place and strictly talk to it. Sometimes, you have to do so several times. Look, what blaming and apologizing eyes and dangling ears it will have! Nevertheless, later you see how much joy the puppy will have when it will understand that you have forgiven it! Dogs really feel our mood and try or to comfort us when we are frustrated, or cheer up, mistimed the ball to the feet and looking into our eyes. Communication with the dog can be a little replaced. There are dogs with uneasy and distrustful characters, especially if you take a dog from the street. You will need to earn its trust, so the street dogs have suffered a lot of pain, trials and persecution on the street while they were homeless and almost disappointed in the people who made them so. Do not blame dogs in any case, so what happens to them bad, blame only a person and more! However, with time, earning the trust of the dog, you will be the one for you and only beloved friend for life, for which it does not hesitate, gives its life for you.