Rough and Smooth Collie

Collie is one of the most popular breeds of dogs, widely known among people under the name of a Scottish shepherd. Dogs may have long or short hair of three kinds of standard colors: sable-white, tri-color (one of the most popular), and blue-merle. It should be emphasized, that in any of the colors white markings must be present.

History of breed

Collie was bred in Scotland in the late XVIII century. These dogs are used in many areas of daily life as a reliable protection of brave rescuers, sniffer dogs and sensitive, of course, you will not find a better shepherd for the sheep flocks. There is an explanation of the origin of the name of Collie - from the black wool of sheep (colleys). Then the name was moved to dogs, which grazed them. They live well in families with children.

Interesting facts

Collie dogs coped with the role of nurses during the Russian-Japanese war; they found wounded and transferred medicines to places of battles.

Collie dogs are the stars of the cinema - a lot of movies are filmed with their participation (such as Lassie, the collie played the main role!).

Features of behavior

Collie dogs are representatives of intelligent breeds. They thrive in the city apartment and in a country house with a site where they can frolic (initial is impact, shepherd's purpose of the breed).

Prevalence in the US

In our country, there are many kennels, breeding collie. Choosing a puppy there, you can get a passport with an excellent pedigree.

Recommendations for care

On the contrary to popular opinion, the advice about grooming Collie are not so complicated. It is enough to comb a pet during shedding with a stiff wire brush. In addition, this breed tolerates well weather and temperature changes, but to preserve the perfect health of your pet, it will need a doghouse, well protected from drafts. To participate in dog shows, the owner will have to visit a professional master of grooming dogs.

Comparison of Rough and Smooth Collie

The longhair Collie has a close relative, Smooth Collie. These dogs are more mobile and whimsical in care. Nevertheless, if you let them, this shepherd dog will be pleasantly surprised by the mild-tempered and high intelligence. Choosing a pet of any kind of Collie, you will not get just a faithful friend and a reliable defender, but also a friendly and affectionate new family member!

Rough and Smooth Collie