A Chow dog. Features of character

When you or your child see a fluffy ball, which, awkwardly waddling on shaggy paws, explores a new room, in which it is brought and looks at you with pretty screwed-up eyes, there are not any doubts in your decision. Chow originally came to us from China. The British ennobled the breed. Presumably, Chow occurred and evolved from a wild wolf. Therefore, Chow is considered one of the oldest breeds of dogs. Initially Chow served people as a shepherd, guarded homes and helped in hunting people big game. Any dog can be jealous of its guarding qualities. This feature is inherent genetically by many generations of ancestors. If Chow gets used to its master and its dwelling, any appearance of strangers never remain unnoticed by that dog. Whoever comes, he is automatically ranked as a strange flock. It is worth noting that the Chow almost never barks for no particular reason. The voice of your pet, you will hear if someone is trying to get closer to your, and hence its territory. We cannot say that Chow is very obedient dog. It will not follow the same orders. However, if during a walk with the chow you become the subject of attention of other dogs, your pet will never hide behind your back. On the contrary, the puppy automatically makes the rack forward to the offender. Your task is to keep a leash tightly. The Chow will not bark and rush to no one, but very carefully and strictly will keep everyone within its attention. This behavior of a little puppy only admires. When it grows up, you will repeatedly check its devotion. It is worth noting that the Chow is quite curious dog. For proper development, a house will be better. Chow is not very active breed when compared with others, but likes to run freely. For this, it needs a territory. In the yard or in the house, the Chow always chooses a place to see all at once. Chow is very attentive. If the owner's behavior is unusual, the Chow will find that out. Especially, beware of the appearance in the courtyard, where the Chow lives a large number of outsiders with negative intentions. The Chow feels negative at once on behavior and the voice of the master and others. Adult Chow is a large and powerful dog. No wonder, they used to be sled dogs. If Chow is angry, it is difficult to calm it down even for the master. Normal doghouse is not a house for such a dog. A kennel is preferable, even small, but it is an aviary. In summer, Chow is strongly hot because of the very fluffy hair. Therefore, your Chow will always look for a cool place. Being a little puppy, chow would not sleep on the mat, but rather choose the cool tile. However, winter is its element. You will often watch your dog dives into the snow banks, like a dolphin. If Chow calls you somewhere, wants to show something, it is always necessary to react. Just like Chow will not raise panic. This dog really loves its master. When you get home, only the puppy will wait for you with much happiness. The main thing for chow is the master understands its nature and the respect and love. Its ancestors are wolves. After a year or two, in the jaws of chow grow teeth of the size of a decent nail. Even having a good treatment for all family members, including cats, let Chow play with them very carefully. By the way, Chow professionally catches rats, mice, lizards, and everything that moves. Nevertheless, it does not eat them, only brings to the owner. If it sees a snake, then Chow does not let it escape from the territory, and immediately draws attention to the owners of a hostile guest. You will get much positive emotions, watching your pet, if you choose the Chow. A very friendly, noble and powerful friend and protector will grow up from a tiny furry lump.