Stubborn clown Basset Hound

Basset Hound always needs society. If you are not there, then any other animal is right for it. Despite its provocative character, Basset does only that way he wants to do it. The breed was created for hunting, that's why it's the owner of most wide nose and a great power of scent. Because of its scent Basset hound can get into troubles. Sensing some smell he immediately follows it. Because of this it should be kept on a leash or indoors. The breed originates from the Bloodhounds. They received from them incredibly long ears. Short legs and long body give Bassett Hound the special charm. Due to the fact that the fore and hind legs are far enough from each other, the breed is put to back diseases. It looks like clumsy dog, but it can move at an excellent speed. Basset's favorite activities are slow walking and lazy dream. Food is another main pleasure in life of this dog. To get the food it can do anything. They can even steal right out of your hands. Due to the structure of its body Basset Hound is not recommended to jump a lot, so owners should help their pet to climb the sofa or chair. For its small height, the height at the withers reaches 38 cm, it is well proportioned. As it was bred to hunt rabbits, the Basset has a big nose and ears, which help to smell any smacks. It turns into an excellent bloodhound when it picks up the trail. A powerful chest and broad paws add Bassett a big hardiness on bumpy terrain. Because of his stubbornness, Basset hound is the hardest to train among all dogs. He learns every command for a long time, because it has its own opinion for every action. The success of the training depends not on your qualities of the teacher, but on its desire. You should be very patient to get any results. This breed doesn't need a special care. The only thing that can be difficult is its washing. It often gets dirty because of its small height. In general, it is a sturdy breed but may easily get diseases of the back and ears due to their unusual sizes.