Dry food, canned food or natural products?

You are a lucky owner of a fluffy treasure cat.Its long life and health depends on its nutrition and proper care.You must understand, that even this miracle lives in your apartment or house, a cat is a carnivorous animal.It is accustomed to eat natural food, such as mice, birds or any other animals, which it is able to catch.Cats eat this food completely: bones, hair and tail (a complete set of all the nutrients and vitamins).Therefore, the food we give the animal is unusual initially. Of course, we will not carry small rodents or sparrows from the street, but we have to provide useful and nutritious food for it. Cats can be fed with natural products, canned or dry food. A method of feeding dry feed There are scary legends that it is harmful to give your cat dry food, they provoke kidney disease, diuretics disease.On the other hand, for example, monotonous food is bad for cat; eating, dry food the animal does not get the vitamins and so on.This is not true.Dry feeds are balanced with vitamins and essential nutrients for the day for a cat.Feed the cat and it can be anything harmful in it, the main thing to remember is: a) do not overfeed the animal.It would seem, well, what could be bad at these crackers?The animal does not feel full of such smallness.Nevertheless, no!It is always written on the packaging how much feed to give, typically 60-70 grams a day.In addition, proportions depend on the weight of the animal. b) If your cat diet consists of dry feed, remember that the water in the bowl MUST be fresh and clean!Cats are very finicky and will not drink water with crumbs or other debris.Because of the food, the animal does not get needed moisture, so your pet should always have access to water. c) Do not steam, soak, and mix different types of pet food.If you have chosen a company that makes food, then give only that to the cat.Do not mix 5, 6, 10 feeds, it harms the body of a cat.Do not steam / soak feeds!Do not experiment!On the packaging, there is always written how to feed your pet. Feeding on natural products Feed it 2 times a day in such way.For the first time in the morning: it's dairy products, and the second time the meat and vegetables.It is important to know that the pet needs proteins, fats, carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, iodine, A, D, E, B12 vitamins and so forth.Unfortunately, it is difficult to make up the right diet for cats and if you have picked up this method of feeding, it is best to contact your vet.He will balance the necessary vitamins and substances individually for your animal. a) Fish.Alters cannot eat fish!Not castrated cats and female cats can eat fish no more than 1 time per week.Do not give it the river fish: it has much thiamine, worms and so on.It is better to give sea fish, such as salmon, trout, herring, and mackerel. b) Meat.It is better to give beef with streaks.Cats absolutely cannot eat pork - it is too greasy.You can give liver, but not more than 2-3 times a week.Also suitable are rabbit and poultry.The rabbit bones are very sharp and strong, they cannot be given to cats.However, the bird may be given with bones; they also have many nutrients for your pet.Feed it with boiled or steamed meat, without salt and spices.Roast food is as harmful for cats as for people. c) Dairy products.Milk, yogurt are useful, they must be given in the morning.Sour cream, cream cannot be given, it is too fat.Remember, skimmed milk cannot be given to cats! d) Porridge.If you can teach your cat to the porridge, make sure to give them it.Rice, buckwheat, oats, it is all your cat needs.You can mix the cereal with meat, chicken. e) Brees.In addition, your cat may like brees, but remember - no salt or spices. f) Fruit and vegetables.I think you have heard that some cats love to eat watermelons, tomatoes, cucumbers and other fruit and vegetables.Try to give it fresh fruit and vegetables.It happens that the cat does not have enough vitamins; in this case, it knows where to receive it. g) Other products.Those what we eat.Fast food, chips, ice cream, sweets (candy, cakes, pastries, waffles, biscuits) and other blessings of the twenty-first century.Your cat cannot eat these foods, do not give them to it, even if you are really asked.They are extremely harmful to the cats, toxic and difficult-to-digest. Feeding with canned food Everything is easier, canned food is the vitamins and nutrients have been tested and granted to you.This method is the easiest and useful.The only drawback is the price. Important to remember! Do not mix these methods of feeding.If you picked up for your cat one way of feeding, but still want to give favorite dry food or canned food, or simply do not have time to prepare food for the animal, highlight this special day.Give just one thing! All methods of feeding are very individual.The characters of all cats are different.Often, the animal does not touch feed and canned food, but is happy to eat organic foods.Also, sometimes vice versa. The main features you feed your cat correctly This is, of course, smooth and shiny hair, regular and well-formed stool, nice breath, clean and white teeth and animal activity.