Handmade toys for cats

Cats are the same small children.If the cat lives at your house, then you can only dream of rest.Cats are constantly interested in everything; check everything, and then something changes and they are sleeping.Moreover, every time cats find something interesting.A kitten or a cat requires attention as much as a small child, and of course, they need a variety of toys.We all made a toy, causing a wild delight and excitement at cats, which is called the This toy is done very easy, take a string and shiny paper that is folded like an accordion, and it is tied in the middle. Today, many pet stores have a range of different toys for our furry friends.Nevertheless, there is one thing that all these toys will soon become uninteresting for cats, and the energy and passion required to be output and then a cat switches its attention on our furniture and walls.Moreover, gradually, it starts irritate us strongly.However, it is better to understand how to rectify the situation and to shift kitty attention on something else then just to get angry.The cat is quite possible to teach the various commands; the main thing is your love and understanding of the nature of your cat.Feeling that you order it, the cat does not want to do anything, because the natural pride will prevail. Our friends love us with faithful and infinite love, and meet us from work, they start to meow or purr, rub against your feet, thereby explaining how they have been waiting for you and missing you.In addition, of course, they require your attention and affection.Give them at least half an hour a day playing different games with them.For such games, a plastic ball and floor without carpets can be used.It can roll the ball on the floor, pop and even play mini football.Your kitty will love it, and you remove the fatigue and stress of the day and will not even notice how your mood will rise. You can also use cardboard boxes by cutting different holes in them, in which your cat can come and go.A good option would be the union of several boxes together, like a maze.Tighten such a maze by scotch tape.There will be no limit for fun and joy. Each owner can find items or things that you want to throw away, give them to your tailed friend, gaming excitement and mood of such a gift will be transferred to you. Love your smaller friends as much as they love you, play with them various games and always turn your imagination, how interesting toy you can make with your own hands and to please your favorite.