Abyssinian cat

The homeland of these cats is Ethiopia, in ancient times it was Abyssinia.The legend has it that the cat came from the cats, born in ancient Egypt.People thought the cat could reincarnate into a goddess Bastet.The ancient Egyptian image of the goddess, which has been found by archaeologists a few centuries ago, had confirmed the fact that the Abyssinian cat is very similar to this goddess.However, there is another explanation of emergence of the breed. Apparently, the breeders, who learned about the incredible similarities with the ancient goddess of cats, decided to emphasize this phenomenon and to save, and for many years with the help of science and crossing different breeds were able to preserve the uniqueness of the breed.Thanks to the work of the breeders, the club of Abyssinian cats was created in 1929 in England, and in early 1970, this cat has been recognized around the world.However, until now scientists have not called the exact home of this breed.Abyssinians are different from other cats because of their unusual color, which, apparently, they have received because of the mutation with cats born in the Far East. Abyssinians characteristics These cats are good-natured, playful, lively, clever and tender.The family, which keeps a cat of this breed, will never be bored.However, do not leave the cat alone without the company, they do not like loneliness. Description of the breed Abyssinians are generally medium-sized cats, slender, have dense and short hair.The color of cats is varied, but the most frequent colors are blue, deep red, red-brown to brown or black stitching.Some hairs may have two or even three colors.The cats head is small; the chin is strong, the nose is straight and of medium length.The ears are large; there are wide tufts placed vertically on the edges of the ears.The eyes are large and expressive of green, walnut and yellow color.The body of the cat is very strong and muscular, slightly bent graceful neck.The back is well developed, strong and the chest is deep.The legs can be of medium length and long.The paws are oval; if you look at them, it seems as if the animal does not completely stand on its feet and on its toes.The tail is long, tapers from the base to the tip.Abyssinians like to frolic, they are cheerful and sociable.They like very much to attract the attention of the owners, so do not be surprised if the cat does something unusual.Cats are somehow vulnerable, and in the adulthood can be calm.However, it is very rare, because most of the Abyssinians, even adults, are playful.The owner of this breed must remember the basic rule for themselves - to pay as much attention as he can to his pet.Abyssinians quietly tolerate children, dogs and other people, but do not like noisy companies.This cat is not recommended to take on hands.Look carefully after Abyssinians, because they like to hide at any age and can get into a quiet place. Abyssinians care. As any pet, these cats are demanding, they like to attract attention, need intimacy and regular communication with the owner.Try to create for your pet all the necessary conditions; in particular, they need personal territory.Only then, the cat itself can completely open and show all the abilities.Clean its hair with a hand, then it shines and looks natural.You can use a silk cloth or a brush with a few teeth.It is recommended to clean its hair once a week.