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red şecereli britishshorthair
California, San Francisco, 94115
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🧿🧡🧡Red love❤️❤️ instagram: @britishlongshorthair2 💙B. of gradient cattery 💙B2. of gradient cattery 💙A3. RED Britishshorthair Male Full pedigree Gen ticked carrier Chocolate/Red Crystal...
chocolate britishlonghair
California, San Francisco, 94115
Pet Price: Ask
B4. of gradient cattery CHOCOLATE BRITISHLONGHAIR Male Full pedigree Gen ticked carrier Chocolate/Red/Cinnemon Good bloodline. #breeding For more informations pm me Instagram : @britishlon...
chocolatetabby britishlonghair
California, San Francisco, 94115
Pet Price: Ask
C. gradient cattery Britishlonghair Male By24 Golden point, chocolate, cinnamon carrier. Parents: 💙Frodo (britishlonghair ny 21 33) Chocolate point carrier 💜Flora (britishlonghair b) Cinna...
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If you have never owned a British Shorthair before, or are interested in reading more information, check out our British Shorthair Cat Breed Information page.

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