Universal Shepherd breed

There is no one in the world that if you do not like, the respected German shepherd. As soon as you have a dog of this breed, the house will be a member of the family. But not only that. The German Shepherd is a great companion for any family member and reliable security guard and the other children. Despite the severity and seriousness of the nature of the dog gets on well even with small children. Two-year toddler can pull shepherd 's ear, and she does not show aggression.

German shepherd

German Shepherds are above average in height and are large dogs, the extended format, strong, with a powerful musculature, with strong bone. Wool is tight and can withstand any weather. Male differs from females larger size. Growth in males about 65 cm and 55-60 cm in females Sometimes there are overgrown. Such dogs are not excluded from breeding if they Garmonin and beautifully composed and have all the protective qualities inherent in this breed. This dog is very temperamental, but must be obedient and follow orders host. They are peaceful enough for others show no aggression on the street or to the people or to animals. Defends and attacks with a clear threat to the host and on the orders of the owner. On its territory is very distrustful of strangers and show clear signs of aggression. German Shepherds are prized for strong and stable nervous system, acute hearing and sense of smell.

Belgian Shepherd

They are medium sized, with a lightweight skeleton, proportioned, well tolerated poor and wet weather and live freely in the street. They have great guard and protective qualities. Because of the good sense of smell and is often used for the detection of drugs. As a versatile dog, then it is used as eyed dog for the blind, rescue, to search for and as a guard dog. As well, it is ideal for a family. Height at the withers grown from 56 to 66 cm and weight 28 kg range.

Separate them by type of wool into three types.

Long-haired. Wool all long, except wool on the head, ears and legs on the upper side. Wool is smooth. Around the neck and chest more plentiful and creates a sort of mane. At the tail too long and thick hair. Long-haired Belgian Shepherds are divided into two types. Groenendael with smooth black hair. Tervuren - a red-and- black hair and a kind of black spots on the face.

Shorthair. The coat is short all over the body, except for the tail ( it is thick and long ) and head. Very long hair on the back of the legs. This variety is called a Belgian Shepherd Malinois. Color red & black only. As in Tervuren mask with black spots.

Rough. They have a rough and tough hair, about 6 cm in length throughout the body. This type is called the Shepherd Lakenua. They wool red color with blackish markings, particularly hard it is expressed on the face and tail.

It is strictly forbidden to cross varieties of Belgian Shepherds together.