Norwich Terrier

Norwich terrier – it one of the littlest representatives of breed of terriers. He was shown out mainly in an order to hunt on not large birds and zoons. At short notice representatives of this breed are excellent partners for the people of any age, going in for some sports. The second name of this breed is a Rampington-terrier. The dog of breed Norwich was chosen the students of the Cambridge university as a talisman.

The representatives of this breed are very similar by appearance with Norfolk terriers. Long time these breeds even united in one. Their unique difference consists in ears: Norwich – lop-eared.

It is possible to suppose that showed out this breed simultaneously in Sonth Ireland and in Great Britain. At the end of sixtieth years of XVIII age a colonel is Begone, living in Ireland, took with itself on hunt the flock of little terriers of red color. As a result of crossing in a flock individuals appeared both with standings and with hangings on a cartilage ears At first hangings ears were copied factory-owners, but after a law forbade it to do. After prohibition, by Club of this breed lovers a rule on which it was forbidden to conduct lop-eared individuals was entered. As a result of it, to to 1914 Norwich terriers almost disappeared, but after time a breed was again recovered. Second founder of this breed, Khopkins from Great Britain, together with the helper by Frank Dzhonsom, crossed red terriers and took away from them most shallow.

Conduct of norwich terriers very interestingly. Usually they behave like little kings, showing the self-confidence and meaningfulness. But, in spite of it, they fine get along with children. Due to the activity, liveliness, gaiety and good nature, they conquer liking of all family members quickly. And a persistence and persistence is underlined by their feature and unlikeness on other.

Except for merry character, Norwich terriers possess an excellent health, in times of long-term researches at this breed not a single disease, transmissible on an inheritance through genes, is not exposed almost. If you were interested by this breed, and you want to purchase a puppy, speak to us! He will become Your favourite certainly!