Mastiff - home giant guarding your family

On the one hand, to get a dog is pretty simple: buy or pick up it and put in the house. On the other hand, get a dog is to take responsibility for living being who will be consigned to the owner of the rest of his life. If your pet is a small purebred Mastiff, you will not notice it becomes everyone's favorite and a great friend of each family member. In this case, the word "huge" is applicable in all its values ​​and in relation to the size of the pet, and with respect to the depth of affection of dogs to their owners.


What is a Mastiff?

Mastiff is one of the oldest dog breeds. The first mention of these pets are found even in ancient literature. This is a huge animal, whose name comes from the Latin. Initial name of the breed sounded «mastinus», that is "dog-horse". Can you imagine the size of the animal, if it is so called?

The trunk is large and muscled. Its chest is broad and back is strong. Ribs are rounded and well developed, and the legs are straight and strong. The head of this dog is different capacity and several square shape. The ears are wide and high set on; they are hanging. The animal has a pretty thick tail. Height, depending on the sex of the animal, about 76 or 70 cm. Weight is also very impressive. A dog, recognized as champion weighed 150 kg, but this is an exception, mainly dogs weigh up to 86 kg.

Types of Mastiffs

Mastiffs come in different types, each of which has its own characteristics:

• English Mastiff;
• Spanish Mastiff;
• Mastino Napolitano;
• Tibetan Mastiff;
• French Mastiff;
• Japanese Mastiff;
• Brazilian Mastiff;
• Bullmastiff

Behavior and character traits

Mastiffs are amazing animals. Despite the apparent strength and power, they are balanced and calm. This dog can truly be considered a family dog, because it gets on well with children. This does not mean that you will have a decorative "calf" in the house. All types of wonderful mastiffs are wonderful guards. They have a responsible attitude to the task. These dogs do not bark without a reason, do not rush to strangers, but vigilantly watch them. Because they are confident that their strength and skills are enough to defend close people.

Mastiffs do not show excessive activity. These dogs will not wander around the yard chasing the ball, and they can only play the fool being a puppy, but it is good-natured and intelligent animal. They love their owners and are constantly seeking dialogue with them. They are pretty docile, but require mandatory training and education.