How to choose a breed of dog for allergy sufferers

Many people dream to get a dog for a long time, often since childhood.Imagine how you come home and your four-legged friend greets you happily wagging its tail. Everything is always perfect in dreams, but what if you have a small problem?

Many people dream to get a dog for a long time, often since childhood.Imagine how you come home and your four-legged friend greets you happily wagging its tail. Everything is always perfect in dreams, but what if you have a small problem?
For example, you have an allergy to dogs.
It turns out this is not a reason to indulge in a devotional and cheerful friend, the dog. This article will help you to choose the pet that will not cause a running nose.
Some different breeds are suitable for those who are allergic to dogs.Breeds are chosen by the American club of dog fans.

What exactly you are allergic to

The elements of dog's blood secreted through the skin, as well as saliva and urine make people allergic to dogs. It does not matter, longhaired or shorthaired dog, only the amount of sprayed allergens in the air is important. There are no absolutely "non-allergenic" dogs; all dogs have these "stimuli", but they are less pronounced in some breeds. Consequently, the risk of provoking an allergic reaction is much lower.
Symptoms of allergy to dogs are the same as for any other allergies. First, this is the impact on the respiratory tract, which can manifest itself as sneezing, coughing, running nose, watery and itchy eyes. There are also symptoms on the skin.
It is impossible to predict in advance what breed of dog is suitable for a particular person. Individual response of different people to breeds even in this list can be very different, so you should deal with this issue in practice.
The best way to determine whether you are allergic to a specific breed from the list - is to visit the nearest nursery or dog show, and evaluate your condition in the process of interaction with the chosen breed dogs. If you have verified that there are symptoms, then you will need to choose another pet.
Allergy sufferers should get dogs that are not "slobber" and do not shed, as well as have a balanced temper. The less dog barks, the less allergens from its saliva scatter around the room. Therefore, you should not buy small breeds that are prone to frequent barking.
The number of allergens can be reduced by good care of your pet, especially bathing. It is better to bathe your pet regularly, 1-2 times a week; it will reduce the risk to a minimum. The ideal is to combine hygiene procedures with wet cleaning in the house, which removes allergens from the environment. Often vacuum furniture and floors.

List of breeds

Bedlington terrier

Its homeland is considered Scotland, after the name of the town Bedlington. This is a cheerful terrier, looks like lamb. Its hair is thick, elastic, soft, and vaguely reminiscent of cotton and strong winds. These dogs do not shed, but they need to be cut. Allergens are trapped in their hair, and do not scatter around the room. Hair color varies from sandy to white and bluish. Although Bedlington have a lot of energy, at the same time the dog is calm and has gentle nature. They are smart, attentive and reliable.
If you choose this breed, you should know that the attention, dedication, and loyalty of this dog should be rewarded. Neglecting your pet after coming home may affect the cushions, carpets and furniture. You must ensure that regular walks allow the dog to throw out all the energy. This breed requires regular bathing and haircut every 1-2 months.
Expected duration of the dog's life is estimated an average of 13.5 years.

Bichon Frise

This breed is recommended by the American Kennel Club (AKC) for those who are prone to allergies.
Countries of origin are France and Belgium. Externally, Bichons resemble a cross between a poodle and a lapdog. They were the favorite pets of French women in the Napoleonic era. Today, the place of these dogs is in the warm family circle as a pet. Their hair is soft, thin, with dense undercoat, which gives the dog a rounded appearance. It does not shed. Caring for this breed, in addition to regular combing and swimming, also includes a haircut and trimming, preferably every 1-2 months, and professionals are recommended to do it.
This dog is a small, but quite strong. Hair color can be snow-white, cream, light gray or apricot. The eyes of this dog exude cheerfulness. They are dark brown or black, round shape. The ears are covered with long hair and seem to merge with the head. This fluffy dog, which everyone wants to cuddle, also has a very cheerful character. Bichons are outgoing, smart and loyal, and very fond of people. They are happy to be close to the people, so do not forget to play with your pet and take a walk. Life expectancy is about 15 years.

Hairless Chinese Crested Dog

If you want your house to be clean even with pets, without the characteristic smell, this breed is the right choice for you.
The name of this dog shows that it comes from China, although the origin of this breed is "under the auspices" of Great Britain. Nature never gave this dog hair on the body, but gave it a spectacular crest on its head, looking almost like human hair, tuft on the tail and the similarity of hairy socks, fleece on the feet. The decoration of the breed is also the absolute diversity of skin color versions - any combination of spots and color combinations. Because of the lack of hair, the dog loses it extremely small, so it is suitable for people prone to allergies.
Nevertheless, it is necessary to ensure the absence of allergy to this breed, and spend a few days with its representatives - as some people may have a reaction to its saliva or dog dandruff, if its skin care is not proper.
Because of the lack of hair, their skin is quite gentle and sensitive; it should be moisturized, as well as protected from exposure to strong sunlight. In summer, apply sun cream. Places covered with hair (head, tail, paws) are sometimes necessary to comb with soft brushes.
In one litter hairless and Powder Puff puppies, covered with a thin two-layer soft hair.
Chinese crested dogs are temperamental, funny, cheerful and full of love for their masters. This dog will never miss the opportunity to cuddle.
It is necessary to pay attention to its diet, as this breed is prone to obesity.
If you choose this breed, you should know that this dog is much attached to the owners, and they will suffer if the owner would change, it would make the formation of new attachment difficult. Here are appropriate Exupery's famous words about the responsibility for pets.

Kerry blue terrier

This is a very interesting terrier with characteristic hair on the face, originating from central Ireland. Once the dog was used for catching pests and protect herds. Today, in most cases, it is kept as a pet.
Its hair is soft, fluffy, silky and wavy, without undercoat. It may be of different shades of bluish or gray color. It is subject to regular haircut.
Living and loving children dog is perfect for families with children. True to its owners, obedient and intelligent.


This breed is also recommended by the AKC for those who suffer from allergies.
One of the most intelligent breeds of dog. No wonder most of the circus dogs are poodles. Not only because of its intelligence, cunning and ability to train, but also of special hair. Modeling haircuts, styling, and even paint its hair (secure dyes), you can give a dog a completely different form.
The breed was created by several countries - France, Germany, Great Britain, originally for hunting purposes. Now it is one of the most famous domestic and lap dogs.
These dogs almost do not shed, so that require frequent grooming and combing, or hair matts. Hair is curly, elastic, and very soft to the touch. As the owner of this dog, you can become a "dog designer" and make plenty of experiments in the art of hairdressing. If you do not want to show your dog at shows, you can make such haircut as your imagination allows. Classical haircut from the middle of the body when the front is still a lot of hair was intended for duck hunting, so the dog does not cool down in the water.
Add to that a fairly wide variety of colors - apricot, silver (blue), black, white, red, chocolate, peach, cream, and even mixed colors - and a "dimension" of a number of these dogs you will have a wide choice, even within one breed.
The fact is there are several varieties of this breed in the world. Large (king) poodles with height at the withers from 45 to 55 cm are excellent dogs for families and good guards. Previously they were used along with the shepherds.
A small poodle is a dog of medium size, from 35 to 45 cm in height at the withers. Miniature Poodle has no more than 35 cm at the withers. Toy poodle is smaller than a miniature, about 26 cm at the withers.
Poodles are loyal, intelligent, cheerful, very easy to train dogs, and with proper education, you can be proud of your pet.
The breed is very social and dog larger than the miniature species also get along very well with children. Poodles love to play, swim, perform various stunts, and bring sticks. They are easily trained, and can participate in sports like agility shows. The breed is on the second place in the world according to the degree of intelligence among dogs - after a border collie.

Yorkshire terrier

The breed is also recommended by the AKC. It does not shed. It is not prone to dandruff. Hair texture is similar to human hair, and requires almost the same care.
These little dogs are of British origin.
Yorkshire terrier is an agreeable breed; they are funny, affectionate, and sympathetic.
These are very small dogs with the height from 22 to 25 cm. Its weight is from 2 to 2.5 kg. No wonder they are now considered a popular "ladies'" breed. However, despite the size, it is brave and active dog.
They have short, hairy muzzle with big bright eyes and triangular ears. Straight, silky, shiny hair will reach the ground if it is not cut. The color is golden-red in various shades, with overflows into the steel at the back and sides.

Rules of keeping dogs if the owner is prone to allergies

No matter how much you love your pet, its place is not in your bedroom, kitchen or sofas. The dog should have its place to which it should be taught.
Brush your dog better outdoors. Bathe it once a week; be sure to wash your hands every time after contact with a dog. Regularly clean your dog's place; it is particularly important to remove its hair from carpets in the house.
The problem is compounded if the child has an allergy. It can be quite difficult to explain to him how to properly handle a pet. Still, if you properly pick the right breed, the dog presence in the house teaches kids responsibility, and the ability to love.

Other, rare breeds from "hypoallergenic list":

Hairless dogs - Peruvian Inca Orchid, Xoloitscuintli.
Terriers - softcoated wheaten Terrier, Tibetan terrier, welsh terrier.
Similar by type and size of the dog hair - Bolognese, the Lhasa apso, Maltese, Shih Tzu.
From Pinschers - Affenpinscher.
Hair similar to poodle's hair - Irish Water Spaniel, Portuguese Water Dog, Puli (cords instead of hair).
If breeds presented here for some reason do not fit you, you can search for more - in the world, there are other "hypoallergenic dogs, even the so-called "designer" (hybrid) breeds. For example, Labradoodle - a hybrid of a poodle and Labrador, is very popular in the United States). If there is a secret desire to get a dog, it is necessary to try to realize your dream.