Husky Breed: characteristics and care

Features breed This dog is of average height and thick straight hair, which has no odor. The ears of the Huskies stand, and the tail looks like a fox. A characteristic feature of this species - common blue eyes. Another "brand" feature - that etipsy little bark. Many owners say that the Huskies "talk" to them from the kind of "moo", and if they want something, they can come up and touch the host paw scream - and nothing more. Barking at passers-by do not have to be afraid. Dogs have a very high endurance, strength, and they are energetic, intelligent, cheerful and quite friendly to people, but expect them to special tenderness and sentimentality is not necessary. Other animals (in particular - to small, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, or toy breeds) can be aggressive, so the Huskies have only to walk the leash or in a remote location. And, of course, from puppyhood to teach them obedience. Attractive appearance, good health, balance and sunny disposition - all this leads many people to make their choice in favor of the Huskies. These dogs are quite suitable for home detention, but only under certain rules. Training and care Before you take the puppy, should resolve the issue: it is male or female? Of course, the preferences are very individual, but there are objective factors. Thus, the larger and stronger males difficult to keep on a leash. Girls are more emotional and obedient, but they highly developed instinct for hunting. Some believe that if you can not spend a lot of time with your pet, it is better to buy not one, but several Huskies. The fact that they do not like to be long and require some companies. Among themselves the representatives of this breed get along well. These dogs possess great intelligence and superbly trained, trained. True, there is a caveat. Realizing that wants them to host Huskies as if wondering: should I have to do this? Independent, quite independent with hunting dogs play only what they are really interesting. Consequently, they should not try to suppress or intimidate, you should try to make the process of training in the form of the game. For example, to get the dog to move in the right direction, do not pull it off-leash. You can "negotiate": it is next to the master, and in this is a favorite treat. Education is not by punishment, but for the most incentive methods is best for this breed. These dogs are absolutely not suitable for the user to sit in a cage or on a chain in the booth. With the Huskies neobhodimomnogo walk (at least two hours daily) and give your pet a sufficient and regular exercise. The fact that these dogs are very much pulling the leash while walking - it is normal (because they are bred to work in a team!). It would be nice to give them a chance to pull a skier, sleds, cycling and so on. In any case, the leash should be long festivities. Another four-legged friend will need a large litter, two bowls (better - metal) and strong comb. And, of course, love the owners. Huskies can be a wonderful pets, despite the fact that its owners do not just hear the question: "And this is a real wolf?"