How to choose and buy a dog?

Buying a dog should be agreed with family members. The dog may be unwelcome, and you may have problems in the family. You must remember you buy the dog for many years, and she will need your participation and care. First time will be especially difficult. Little puppy can be naughty, chew some wires, make a puddle anywhere, chew shoes. The adult dog will need to walk outside twice a day. Much time you'll spend cleaning the house from its hair and cooking food for it. If you get a dog for the first time, you’ll have to solve a lot of questions (breed, sex, temperament). When you decide what breed to buy, you need to decide what sex of the dog you want. Lady-dogs are always kind and obedient. They sensitively catch the mood of the owner. Male dogs are always independent and capricious. They can work hard, expressing the independence of their character. Flat-coated dogs are the best for apartments. Long-haired breeds while heding loose hair, making the apartment very dirty. Make sure when choosing a puppy you know the temperament of the breed. Nervous person needs calm dog. Sociable and fun person needs restless terrier. Active person doesn't need a Saint Bernard or a bulldog. A boxer as a defender will be the best for a child Before you buy a dg try to visit a dog-show to get to know the characters of different breeds. Follow some common rules while buying a puppy. Look attentively on its pedigree and the health of its mother. It isn't necessary to withdraw the puppy from the mother very soon. At the age of 2 months, the puppies are independent, but they need to be fed 4 times a day. A healthy and cheerful puppy has clean eyes and ears, wet nose and soft hair. All healthy puppies look like thick toddlers. Pale mucosa and swollen stomach can tell you the puppy has rachitis or has worms. The fore feet of a puppy should be very thick. If the fore feet are thin it means its mother was poorly fed during pregnancy. A healthy puppy should move easily. The teeth should be straight, without tainted enamel. When you decided to buy it ou need to buy it properly Methods of buying a puppy: - Pet store doesn't give you a chance to see the puppy's parents and to meet the breeder; - Buying it at the poultry market will be risky, you can run into a seller who has put sick puppies "on stream"; - The best option is the purchase at the breeder or in club by advertisments. In this case, you can meet the puppy and its parents and get advice from a breeder. Terms of the right purchase: - You should buy a puppy at the age of 6 to 12 weeks. If you take a puppy sooner, he may not be able to communicate with its mother and peers. If it doesn't know canine language, he will badly communicate with other dogs; - Place where puppies were born should be clean; - If the dog is afraid of you or avoids you, it is better not to buy it. A good puppy shows a healthy interest. If the mother is kept alone, it is bad. Perhaps the mother is aggressive to the puppies and dodn't teach them canine language. Aggressiveness can be inherited. - Be sure to ask about vaccinations. If they have made only one vaccination, you need to go to the vet and finish the entire course of vaccinations; - It is necessary to feed the puppy the same food or feed of better quality; - Before you bring the puppy home, you need to prepare in advance a place for its sleep. On the very first day the puppy should be given time for a quiet examination of its place of residence, don't bother it.