Australian Terrier

The Australian Terrier is the smallest of the terrier group. It is home to Australia, and its former name was - Australian Terrier coarse. In all likelihood, in deriving the Australian Terrier was used many different terriers, including such as thistle, Norwich, sky, Yorkshire, Irish and Dandie Dinmont. Australian Terrier - pretty tough, cheeky little dog has the courage of a large dog. He is stubborn and opinionated, requires careful nurturing and quite strict, but not child abuse. This dog must be accustomed from an early age to pets and children. It is not irritable, but willingly likes to bark. Terrier is not friendly to strangers, cold and suspicious applies to them. This is a very vigilant guard who has excellent hearing and eyesight. Australian Terrier - easy and unpretentious in the content of the dog. He eats a little bit, it is not important frequent walks, indoors, he feels fine. On the street it is not necessary to lower this little dog with a leash, as Australian pursues everything is in motion. He likes to walk freely, without control by the host, so the risk of ever getting lost. Its hard coat should be brushed once a week, paying special attention to the paws. The hair on the legs can be cut. Coarse hair in the ears and above the eyes should be cut regularly with blunt-nosed scissors. He does not need quite frequent washing, it should not be washed more often than 1 time per month. While Terrier dries, it needs to clean wool. Her regular cleaning will make your pet's shiny and smooth. Country of Origin Australian Terrier: Australia Weight (kg): 4-6 Height (cm): 23-28 Color: red-brown saddle cloth with blue, red (not brown) solid or sand