Shar Pei is a fighting breed

They have leader's temper. They try to show their dominant position both in the street and at home. Therefore, I want to advise, only strong personalities should get this dog, who can prove who’s the head of the house. If it doesn't happen, then your dog will become the head of the pack. With the leader's temper it's very difficult for them to get in touch with other dogs. It's necessary to carry out socialization and commuication process from their childhood to avoid conflicts. Communicating with children the dog make characteristic sounds like a growl while playing. Only Shar-Pei has such a feature. Dogs of this breed are excellent guards. In the owner's absence, they need an overview of the entire protected area. Don't keep the dog in the kennel or on the leash.With the average size, it can easily become a protector of your family and your home. Having a plurality of folds dog requires some care. This is primarily for, according to experts, grooming. Shar-Pei sheds, like all dogs, twice a year, so you need to comb out the dead hair by combing. Hair is easily combed if you bathe your dog. Here I would like to note they don't like to bathe and you must teach your dog to this. Wash your dog with special shampoo, which you can buy at pet stores. Make sure the water would not reach the eyes or ears.After water treatment, it is advisable to wipe all the folds, blow hair dry or sprinkle with a special powder. This breed of dogs in the corners of the eyes has purulent discharge after a night of sleep.Treat them with wipes or discs soaked in boiled water. Cut the claws to avoid all kinds of contortions.Treat ears periodically. Be sure there's no earwax or strange smell from ears. If you notice your pet is constantly shaking or scratching its ears, it is the result of appeared infection. In this case, see the vet. The last thing, we haven't received an answer, why does the dog have a lot of wrinkles? The fact is, it’s an ancient fighting breed and a lot of wrinkles protect internal parts of a body from serious injuries.