A dog and a baby in the same house - how to avoid problems

To get or not to get a dog? You have a child, and he asks for the dog? It is possible that you want to get four-legged friend, but at the same time, you have doubts. Maybe, the child is still small; maybe you are afraid of possible problems in the relationship between the child and the animal. I want to becalm you that the skillful training of dogs, and parenting children, you will surely be able to avoid conflicts. However, you have to make some effort to it. Education since the early days Yes, exactly, from the first days of the appearance of a pet at your home. Where does it start? With good manners instilling. Here is an example of a common problem. The dog is eating and at the same time, the child passes by or comes into the room where the animal eats. Often, even affectionate, in a normal situation, dogs show aggression at this point. The animal may growl, bark, and rush to the baby in order to scare away. There are cases of bites. Therefore, once you have a dog, take a rule for yourself. All close people who live with you in the same area, shall be inviolable for the dog. Our younger brothers perceive the family as a pack. But, at the same time, children are some kind of "puppies" for them. Adult dogs are not ceremonius with puppies. The prudence of the animal is if the baby behaves inappropriately, it can bite the baby. Enter strict principles Thus, strict behavior rules are set by the owner. He, on the first day, makes it clear for that the child must not be touched under any circumstances. Technically, it looks like this. During feeding the animal, let the child to stand next to it. He can touch the dog, stroke and take food from its bowl. Surely, under your supervision. Keep your puppy's behavior. After all, begin this process with tender age. If the dog growls, do all of the above actions yourself, holding a son or daughter on your lap. Gradually, the pet gets used to you, and then to the presence of the little master. I focus on these events, and I think that this needs close attention. Spending a little time and patience for these manipulations, you save yourself from future problems. From this, we can conclude that the presence of even a small child in the family should not be an obstacle in question getting a pet. Indeed, the presence of four-legged friend will affect the development of the baby only in a favorable way, enriching his inner world, making it kinder and happier.