Yorkshire Terrier

Breed Yorkshire Terrier
United Kingdom,England
6-15 lbs
10-15 years


It was bred over a hundred years ago in Yorkshire specifically as a favorite lapdog. Now, this breed is very popular among young girls, largely due to its small size and weight - average York weighs within three kilograms. Thanks to this, these pets do not need long walks and runs - just remember an anecdote that "Yorkshire Terrier can be walked in the tub with plants". It will be enough to walk on home lawn for this little dog. Although if it is bad weather, your dog may use tray and keep fit. Another advantage of these small dogs is their hair - it has no undercoat, the Yorks do not shed seasonally shedding, and consequently for owners - there is clean furniture without its hair. Since York's hair has similar structure to human's hair structure, many people with allergies are advised to get it as a pet.
All your family members will love Yorkshire Terrier, here is another bonus for you - because of its small size, York can accompany you in any travels or trips. After all, it will be possible to take it with you on the plane, and many hotels have become accustomed to guests travelling with their four-legged friends.
Most people think these dogs have gentle and calm nature. Basically, it is so. In addition to calm, Yorks also have courage. They will not attack other animals. They do not usually fight with other pets who live in the same apartment with them.
Yorkshire Terrier feels the mood of the owner. If the owner is sad, the York races to the rescue - it tries to cheer him up with its stunts and it also has fun. Many owners say Yorkshire Terrier follows them just in the footsteps, it likes to take part in everything that makes the master. By the way, be careful with them - because of their small size they are quite delicate. It happens that the wrong move could cause a serious injury.


This dog can be trained teaching it simple commands. But it is worth to take into account that due to the small size, it is able to see only at its own head. Therefore, experienced trainers always lower gestures and commands "below", in such a way they adjust to the pet.

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