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13-14 years

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Mudi is considered as rare and ancient breed of dog in the world. The official birthplace of origin can be called Hungary, where this "shepherd" is mentioned in the literature of the 16th century. Although this statement is debatable, because Croatia also has information about this dog, and they dated back the 12th century.
mudi is the result of cross-breeding of pumi dog and shpitz, they were bred almost beyond the laws of selection. From each litter were chosen the best representatives that could qualitatively protect the flocks and be good companions to the shepherd.
Perhaps it is because this, this breed of dogs became a separate breed only in 18th century. The first standard was formed in 1936. After the decision to continue breeding work of this breed was created a second version of the standard. This happened in 1966. The modern standard of the breed was defined only in 2000.


Very often mudi is taken for home security and for service. These dogs are popular with customs officers, as they can easily identify drugs in the most unexpected places.

How to choose

Those who wish to buy a funny and very smart dog of medium size (the height is up to 50 cm, weight is up to 13 kg) and not always defined color (black, white, yellow, marble, brown, "gray-haired"), should remember:

- no matter how small it may be, it needs a leader;
- the keeping in the apartment isn't permitted (the dog is vigorous, hardy, likes to play, can't be alone on the restricted area);
- it requires a certain "hunting" practice. Courage and bravery, excellent sense of smell shouldn't be closed; the more that the task of mudi is to "stop" every beast got on its way on the orders of the owner - whether it is sheep or wild boar. Also, the owner hasn't to be surprised when on the verge he sees dead rat or mouse - a faithful dog did it;
- the training of a very intelligent dog shouldn't only be a constant follow of the orders, but also the intellectual development (for example, you can buy a "dog puzzle").


Because of the status of rare species feed containing protein, calcium, vitamins and microelements are recommended. If the ration is created independently, the priority should be vegetables, fruit and dairy products. Meat must be added into the diet in small portions, while pork isn't allowed. Also sweets are forbidden (apples can replace them, also biscuits and crackers) and smoke products aren't allowed too.


It has to be supervised by a vet regularly, all vaccinations should be conducted. Every 2 months "free" animals from insects which feel good themselves in thick hair.


Dog's care is easy. Bathing is necessary once a month, and comb its smooth and curly hair with ordinary brush every day to keep it from turning into clumps.

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