Mine coon with pedigree, of cattary , European origin


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Maine Coon
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4 kittens atr still available!
1.Cream boy , 17 march
2.Black boy , 14 April
3.White odd-eyed gerl, 28 march
4.Black Silver marble gerl ,28 march

Our kittens are born and raised in Florida, where the kittens gets lots of attention and becomes very friendly and communicative with others. The kittens are litter trained and have a cuddly and playful personality. Our kittens come to their new homes eating solid foods and having good manners. They are NOT brought over from another continent on long flights, a journey that has negative effects on a kitten's health. Our kittens are NOT sold only by photo or using one photo for many kitten advertisements. Have attention when buying kittens that you can keep an eye on them from birth to the age of going to a new home. In our cattery we update how kittens grow by photos, videos

Last photo-adult cats parents
Please texting at [email protected]

I'm willing to negotiate a price.


Pet Type: Cats
Pet Type: Cats
Pet Type: Cats

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