How to deal with dog aggression

Any form of aggression in dogs is an expression of its feelings.The negative phenomena must be solved, or they may develop into serious problems. The dog bites family members If the dog is aggressive in relation to the people with whom it lives, it is necessary to take urgent measures of education.By its behavior, it may try to show its superiority over people.In order to avoid such situations, the dog must be educated from the puppyhood. Manifestation of aggression may begin with its disobedience.In this case, many dogs can strongly resist the owners commands, displaying its discontent towards the current situation.The dog may start to growl or even bite. If such a situation happened for the first time, the dogs behavior can be very surprising.Often, these situations happen in unpredictable ways and enter into confusion all family members. This behavior is not normal, it is necessary to prevent the possible development of such phenomena. What should be avoided? Complete disregard of such phenomena will not be able to save you from recurrent cases.Leaving the situation without proper punishment, you show the dog that it is okay.In the future, such cases will only become more frequent and can go all reasonable frameworks. Rough handling can lead to dangerous consequences for human.It is not recommended to beat the dog and give it the force impact.Thus, it is possible to provoke a backlash in the form of further aggression.If you got to deal with dog aggression, it does not guarantee the same situation will pass your family.Therefore, it is necessary to consult the professionals.In this case, your animal will have to do a lot of work and a minimum time for affection from people.If trainings are combined with joint walks and possibly physical exercise, the dog can be your friend and accept its responsibilities. Weak expression of aggression by a pet is very easy to rectify.However, it should be remembered that if the dog is healthy, it never attacks its owners.Perhaps, before this it will show its dissatisfaction with a growl. It is necessary to seriously think about raising a dog.It is useful to engage in action all family members.We need consider in detail all the necessary rules, which will now be observed in the house.So all together, you will achieve obedience from the dog. Methods of self-education of dogs - The dog does not follow the order Down.If you noticed the first signs the animal does not want to follow this order, you can start worrying.Upon cancellation, you need to make every effort to ensure that it complied with the command.Do not beg or offer dog all sorts of delicacies.If in this case the dog does not obey, then you cannot do without the help of a professional. - Dogs payload.Many owners consider it simple innocence and even funny situations.However, it is not so simple.Thus, the dog also express its superiority over men.In such actions, there is no hidden sexual connotation.The dog just shows who the boss.Habits of this nature can be found in both males and females. - The dog does not leave the place, which is not meant for it.If you are faced with a situation where the dog took a fancy to your bed, and refused to get out of there, then you need to act.If your dog shows aggression, it is necessary to ensure that it will leave the couch.Being with you on an area of ​​the same height, it feels equality, hence all its perplexity about the pasture arise.You cannot let the aggressive dogs to lie down on your bed. - The dog does not give its toy.In this case, it is enough to think what would happen if your child wanted to take the dog thing.The situation can be extremely negative. - A frightened dog that hides from you is not innocent.Do not let children look into the dog shelter.Perhaps such behavior indicates cruelty of previous dog owners.This behavior shows its fear, which can escalate into aggression. Such dogs need more gentle treatment.Try to treat it only with good intentions.We need more praise and encourage such dogs.Only when the dog realizes that she is not in danger, it will be able to trust you completely. Several ways to get rid of dog aggression - dog training, - It is necessary to accustom it to life in society, - castrate the animal (castration can radically change the behavior of the dog) - if the children are close to the dog, control its reaction, - praise and encourage the animal, - do not show the dog rudeness and aggression, - ensure the dog follows all the orders, - the dog must understand it is a member of your family, not a beast. How to deal with incorrigible animals Of course, it is not necessary to resort to radical methods at the slightest manifestation of disobedience.It is necessary to give the dog a chance to improve.Try to correct its aggression by referring to special services. If neither your efforts nor the training does not help, you do not need to give your dog to the other owners.It can only be worse.There are special places where evil dogs are kept to protect the territory.It is not residential complexes.If this option does not suit you, you can seek the assistance of a vet and euthanize the uncontrolled dog.But, you decide what to do.