Everything about Siberian husky breed

What are you, the Siberian husky? Small Husky's snout looks like a wolf's snout. Puppies of this breed inherit all the qualities of adult dogs. By pedigree, which should be taken from breeder, it is easy to understand how the baby grows up. Puppies are great fidgets and actively learn new things. Siberian Huskies

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What are you, the Siberian husky?

Small Husky snout looks like a wolf snout.Puppies of this breed inherit all the qualities of adult dogs.By pedigree, which should be taken from breeder, it is easy to understand how the baby grows up.Puppies are great fidgets and actively learn new things.

Siberian Huskies are friendly with strangers, but rarely allow touching or taking on the hands themselves.Do not stay for a long time at night with this dog.Good Huskies might not understand the danger and can be happy to see the offender.

The characteristics of the breed:

1.The dog should put his shoes higher than always if he has husky at home.We say directly - puppies love to chew on everything from sneakers to carpets and chairs.

2.This stage, will ever (with proper training) pass, and spoiled furniture can be a little later restored.

3.Do not take your four-legged friend to the country, of course, if you do not need a "helper" for digging flowerbeds and lawns.

4. Siberian Huskies do not belong to hunting breeds; however, they never give up hunting "game" in your own backyard or at a nearby site.

5.The family stubbornness can complicate training, but makes it possible.

6.Siberian huskies are very loyal and reliable friends, but they can suddenly stretch and begin to ignore all the requirements of the owner.In such cases, you can only give up and not to focus on a few points.Huskies are free northern dogs and you will never achieve from this breed German shepherd obedience.

Patience is the best helper in all conflicts.Creative Huskies will understand and fix everything soon.

All of the "highlights" of the breed:

1.At walks, the Siberian Husky pulls the leash.You have to do nothing with this, the blood affects (they are sledge dogs). You can trust your dog to ride a child on a sled.Combine useful with pleasure - the child will be pleased and the dog splashes energy.

2.Playful dogs love to stick packs.They definitely need such an opportunity and do not drag on the street from other dogs.Aggression is alien to this breed, they will not bark first, but easily are able to stand up for themselves.

3.Movement is life!That is the slogan of the Siberian husky.Often take out the dog out of the city "to stretch its bones".

4.Siberian Huskies easily memorize the words and understand what people say.They can be real actors.The owner will never know what happened to the bed in its absence.Obedient dog greets his arrival on its litter, yawning widely for credibility.

5.Husky easily overcomes obstacles.Closed door with a hook is not a guarantee that valuable things will remain intact.As mentioned earlier, this breed is characterized by increased "gnawing.Especially strongly, it is developed in puppies.

6.Siberian Huskies are not talkative and do not respond to other sounds.For example, to knock on the door or noise of repairing from the neighbors behind the wall.When a dog needs anything from the owner, it barks a little or touches him with a paw.

7.Siberian Husky breed is brought up in the north, but its representatives can easily tolerate all kinds of weather.Though, on a hot day it is best to leave the pet at home and do not forget to fill its bowl with water.

Training and education:

Siberian Husky is unlike other dog breeds.Do not approach to its training as usual.It is not an easy task to temperate a freedom loving husky.Ancestors blood and willfulness are not conducive to quick results.The main thing in dog training is regularity.
It is better to educate this dog at an early age (from four months old).

1.Before the puppy appears at home, you will need to consider where its constant place will be. At home, Huskies live in flocks, so poorly tolerate the loneliness.Most likely, your puppy will enjoy your sofa.Here, it is up to you.However, for the comfort of both sides it is better to lay a mat on the floor.Preferably in one room.Otherwise, the puppy very quickly feels abandoned.It would not be bored for a long time.In the house, there are always sleepers for entertainment.In better case.

2.On the first day in a new place you must say the puppy firmly that toilet is on the street.He probably would not agree.Puddles will commence at the corners.Stick to your colors and take out the pet every hour in the yard.Monitor the process up to the end, otherwise smart puppy will play a lot and do its at home on the carpet.

3.Gradually increase the intervals between the walks.Otherwise, the smart Husky will not leave spare time to the owner.Walk and paddock are not the same things.The puppy should also understand the difference.Until six months, he will begin to set paws in the door and beg on the street.

4.When the contact is adjusted, and the puppy has become relatively compliant, you can start training.Divide it into two parts.One part on the street, the other one for the house.

We must start with a leash and a collar.The puppy will be surprised at first, and then will try to remove it.Soon he realizes that wearing leash means a walk and will rejoice in it.

Home commands:

1.The command should sound before feeding.Once the puppy runs up, just put a cup in front of him with food.Be sure to pat him and praise.Follow the voice.We need to talk calmly and with restraint.Let it accustomed that the owner praise must be earned.

2.The command Sit! is not enough to give a specific time.Practice it throughout the day several times.

3.After the command Seek dead! hide in a fist behind your back something delicious and get to search until he finds.When he pulls out a piece of your hands - give prey and praise.

On the walk, a small dog should firmly understand: on first demand, it is necessary to approach the owner.

Did you achieve the result?Then, let the puppy go to frolic off leash (of course, in those places where it is allowed). Do not worry - the puppy will not run away.

Has it tewed? Now you can begin dog training on the street

1.Continue training the command Come! If the puppy is busy with an important matter, such as making friends with other dogs, it should not be distracting.&When the puppy runs up, play a little around with it, and only then put the leash.Nevertheless, if the dog is not going to come, it is necessary to bring it with a sharp sound.

2.One of the most important commands is You must not!It is appropriate to apply when a small Husky starts to get away from you with something incomprehensible in his mouth.The puppy should be immediately stopped, and a strange thing immediately taken away.It is allowed a few times (not hurt) hit on the nose by a leash, not forgetting to repeat clearly You must not!

However, if a year has passed and there is no change, Husky does not listen at all and gnaws last chair, there is only one way out - ask dog handlers for help.

Care and keeping

The most important thing in care is its thick Puppies hair is thin and delicate, it is necessary to monitor more frequently than adult dogs.It is desirable to comb out with a stiff brush.Usually, puppies are happy with the process, until the case comes to the tail.The dog treats the procedure more calmly, if it is put to one side and stroked.

There is a nice moment, Huskies are rarely bathed.Not more than two times a year.Thick hair of the animal does not cause any problems and does not have the characteristic smell.

Sometimes a dog needs for privacy.Think of such a place in advance.In the house or in the yard should be a nook where the Huskies sometimes want to hide from the hustle and bustle.

Husky and kids:

Siberian huskies are very gentle to the small children.With genetic memory of relatives, they remember how their yurts warmed their bodies.This breed is completely non-aggressive.History is silent about cases of attacks on children by Huskies.

1.Bad example can give the child parents themselves.If you constantly criticize it at the dog, you can achieve a negative attitude to the kid.

2.Many believe that the child is a small animal owner.No.The child is just a friend and companion in the games for Huskies.The dog will not obey a weak man.It can only love him.Kids are noisy, painfully pull behind its ears, they may decide that the four-legged member of the family is a horse and want to ride it.

3.Try as less as possible to allow freedom to the animal.Do not flatter yourself in its kindness.

Any dog ​​can bite if you hurt it, or suddenly frightened.Even Huskies!

Oh, these cats!

It is difficult to assume that the Siberian husky, in general, may not love anyone!Cats and Huskies are wonderful friends.The fact this breed pathologically does not like cats is a myth.Happy well-fed Huskies will live peacefully with the cat side by side.Of course, if the cat did not scratch and moved the boundaries of what is permitted.

For full idyll in the house, it is desirable to bring such different animals simultaneously.

Songs of Siberian husky

Immediately discard the folk beliefs of the howling of dogs and get to the unusual features of the Huskies.It is believed that the reason for howling in a cross with a wolf.Huskies are purebred dogs.They are sometimes wolves, but only in movies as actors.

Siberian Huskies come from the north.Their purpose is to transport heavy loads.Barking on a strong frost (thus they still have to run and pull the sleigh) is impossible.
By howling, they keep in touch with the other teams and the owner that may be at this time far away from them.

This habit has remained husky manner of communication with the man.

These dogs howl not only when they are ill.Maybe it with emotion and it feels, on the contrary, well.In addition, maybe, feeding time just came, but the bowl is still empty?
If the Huskies howl, it must be entertained somehow.It is impossible to completely wean from the habit.

A bit of bad news.Diseases

By acquiring this particular breed, carefully read the pedigree of future pet.These dogs are, unfortunately, tend to the family disease - epilepsy.It is inherited and cannot be cured.Nevertheless, it is not necessary that it happen exactly with your pet.

Do not refer to the heavenly eyes and wonderful cloth when choosing a puppy.Huskies are not teddy bears.To decorate the armchairs and sofas lapdogs are better.Ask yourself more than once: why Siberian husky, and not another breed? Fashion on the breed of dog is fast, but the Siberian husky will remain in the family (with good care, of course) 12 years and more.