Dog breed French Bulldog

Breed French Bulldog
United Kingdom,England,France
19-28 lbs
8-10 years


French bulldog sounds proudly. Before my eyes, immediately gets the picture from our memory of a large dog with a large head and a massive jaw. All this is true, but I want to talk about miniature bulldog. The ancestors of this breed are a small English bulldog and French terrier gratify this breed with a strong body with well-developed muscles. Males are slightly different from females in sizes. A male dog with growth of 30-38 cm can weigh from 10-15 kg. A lady-dog with a weight of 9-12 kg grows 28-35 cm. There is a great number of shades: from light to spotty and coal-black hair. Hair itself is very short. This breed sheds little. The feature of these dogs is a few wrinkles on the snout. Here, I want to say, that they need to be cleaned with a cloth soaked in boiled water. Since the dirt and moisture which lead to irritation may congregate there. You have to care for the French bulldog from the moment it enters your house. .This is everyday rubbing eyes with cotton pad. Be careful while treating ears with cotton buds. Only visible part of the ear can be treated. If you notice a large amount of earwax and there is an unpleasant smell, you should call a specialist. Never fall back to self-treatment. Bathe your dog rarely, since dandruff may appear. During water treatment, it is necessary to use a special shampoo and make sure that water does not get into the ears. After the bath, the dog should be wrapped in a towel to absorb moisture. Make sure all windows are closed in the room. Based on my experience, I want to advise, do not put the dog on the floor until it is dry. Do not forget to take care of its claws that the dog does not turn its feet.


French bulldog is a very friendly dog. It loves children. Always plays games with the ball, frolics and infects positive energy all around. It loves to walk in fresh air. You should not forget that having short hair your pet is exposed to cold. Therefore, I want to advise in advance to buy a variety of clothing for the cold period of the year. This dog is suitable for keeping both in the apartment and in a house. It get along well with other animals not only like themselves, but also easily plays with cats, shares food and beds. Give your dog dry feed crumbled in water or milk. It can also feast on leftover food from the table.


Life expectancy of the French bulldog is considered from 10-12 years. A healthy dog is the active one, with smooth shiny hair.

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