English bulldog at your home? You are lucky!

English Bulldogs appeared in England around the 13th century. The dog was bred to baiting bulls. In that time, the representatives of the breed are distinguished by strong aggression, boldness, pressure, tremendous strength, allowing them to handle even the angry bulls. When in 1835 the bull baiting was banned, this breed almost disappeared, but thanks to enthusiasts and fans of the Bulldogs, these dogs have survived, though they had to become companion dogs, suitable for defense and protection of their owners, and keeping in the family. Thus, dog breeders began to take calmer, non-aggressive and kind by nature representatives of the English bulldog. Dogs of this breed are very interesting and unusual. With all his fighting qualities of character and having such serious gruff appearance, he is very sweet and loyal friend. English bulldog adapts easily to the home life, we can say this is a typical couch potato. He is very gentle and tolerant to children, easily converges with other dogs, although, like most other breeds is aggressive against cats. Dogs need physical exercise, although they are often quite lazy. However, do not overdo it. Walking your pet, you should avoid too low or too high temperature. Short hair will not warm it, and your pet will catch a cold, but because of the unusual shape of the skull, in the heat an English bulldog can get heat stroke. Regarding care, you should pay special attention to the care of the skin folds of the dog. You must clean them with a damp cloth, then wiping dry, to avoid various infections. It is recommended to comb his hair 2 or 3 times a week, using a stiff brush. Bathe the dog if it is dirty, but not often, as this dries the skin, itching and flaking appear. The main features of the breed: Height: within 31-40 cm. Weight: 22-25 kg. Sturdy, stocky, yet compact body, large head on a massive neck, small wide feet, short smooth hair, and many folds on the head, snout and chest distinguish the breed. The snout and the nose are slightly flattened. The tail is short, straight. English bulldogs live on average 10-12 years. Inexperienced breeders cannot be afraid, getting this breed, as it is very obedient and balanced dog who will not betray and never let down.