Oratory of parrots

Almost all parrots have the amazing and mysterious ability to mimic the sounds heard. They manage to reproduce with remarkable accuracy the human voice and pronounce words clearly. This undeniable talent show different species of parrots in different ways, and it is believed that the age of birds, their ability to drastically limited. However, diversity of parrots breaks stereotypes and changing views on this opinion. There are cases when it is already "old" parrot show amazing abilities and reproduce very convincing not only the words, but even whole sentences. Why are there suggestions! They read poetry and prayers! At the same time public speaking is difficult, monk parakeets, and some African gray parrots are known talkers and "mocking", can live a conscious life among men, but not one word did not learn to pronounce. Or maybe they just do not want to? Listen now, remember, and closer to their pension is told that you can gasp in surprise and delight. In connection with this, a question arises: whether the parrot what he says or repeats? Often other parrots do not have to make repeat any words. They learn mostly spontaneously and able to correlate the sounds played with something heard and noticed by them. And we should not jump to conclusions and say that the parrot knows what is talking about. Most likely parrot connects reproducible words with visual and auditory information. If, for example, the owner of the house every day, putting on his hat and coat habitually says: "So far, I have gone", the parrot noticed that people coming to the hanger may have to say the words. Or, if a parrot cage with a dark cloth to cover the night and say, "Good night," that after a certain period of time he will repeat these words. But should he show napkin afternoon, he immediately remembered the words to say. Simply put, the memorized words or sentences have a close relationship with the acoustic and visual stimuli. However, scientists involved with this problem by conducting a series of experiments and studies have concluded that the parrot did understand the meaning of spoken words. The same African gray parrot could easily remember the names of many items, with the understanding that the meaning of each word. There is no doubt that the ability to reach parrots sometimes astonishing perfection, and such knowledge of parrots makes people a lasting impression that realized a parrot utters the words, understanding their meaning. Vocal apparatus parrots somewhat similar to the human and this allows parrots not only play the word, but even decorate their excellent articulation. Some parrot species can reproduce very well the words with a female tone, since the frequency of the sound the bird is very close to the frequency of the sound of a female voice. Parrots simulators without much effort can imitate a dog's barking, noise vacuum cleaner, mobile phone ringtones. What parrots talk better? Who among them has mastered "the art of oratory?" Give preference to one person it would be unfair and wrong. Generally speaking, we can safely say that almost all parrots can mimic other sounds, with the only proviso that the ability to do all different. Someone produces stunning results, while others are much more modest. And yet surpass African gray parrot in his ability to mimic the voice and tone of the person can rest a little parrots. Grey parrot may seem surprising to reproduce the voice of the individual. Many red-tailed parrots and amozony learn a lot of words, but they do not sound human. Among the cockatoo is a very talented talkers and simulators, but unfortunately it's rare instances and they only confirm his reputation, but not all polls talent cockatoo. Small parrots, such as the budgerigar, happy with their success. He can remember a lot of words, phrases and sing songs. Since it may well compete in the Australian whistling a happy tune parrot, who is also a good vocabulary. "Oratorical" abilities of parrots are not related to gender. At the same budgies males more than females love to chat, but in fairness, it should be said that they have a very capable "wavy girls."