Samoyed dog breed first appeared on the Iranian plateau. There lived a small tribe Samoyeds related to Sayan family. With them were irreplaceable assistants: white and black and white dogs that helped them in the pasture. Tribe bred rapidly, and when the place was quite small, the people moved to find new habitats. Russell Samoyed tribe from the White Sea to the Yenisei River, taking their four-legged helpers. In these northern climes, and began to form the famous breed of white huskies.

Dogs are all year round in a luxurious fur coat, but, in spite of external beauty, they are very severe. Anciently Samoyed had to look after the reindeer herds, raising the qualities of the guard and protector. Samoyeds their owners understand at a glance, and different from other dogs rare qualities. They combine childish innocence of the child and the indomitable nature of primitive man. Modern Samoyed turned into sissies capricious and excessive communication with man. However, they are, in spite of this, there were hard workers with knowledge of the case of a shepherd. Samoyeds often took the northern expedition to Antarctica, where they put a lot of records. These records have not been surpassed by any other dogs. In polar expeditions Samoyeds were used as sled dogs, where they stood the test of endurance and strength. Samoyed can carry cargo, which is several times its own weight. Samoyed huskies - this is the most amazing northern travelers.

Due to the constant travel, Samoyed made it to England. Later came under the patronage of Queen Alexandra, the breed became very famous. Soon in England and America were first Breeding Samoyed. At the moment the dog accustomed almost all continents of the world. Permanent change of residence has no effect on their endurance and performance. They quietly transferred even the Australian heat, despite its thick fur. This pure white fur, soft as cotton, not only able to protect from freezing cold, but also from the sweltering heat. Samoyed adapt well in all conditions, transferred to any weather.

Samoyed looks like a huge snow-white toy, from which it is impossible to look away. Her muzzle friendly and kind smiling eyes say that the dog is very intelligent and mentally alert. Samoyed lovely guard dog, despite its appearance, it is sensitive and does not cause unnecessary hassle master. Dogs fight for their territory or for his master to death, never retreating. The dog kind of independent dog, however, is only an appearance, he actually infinitely loyal to his master. Samoyed dog is very beautiful, if you look at her puppy, you can fall in love with him at first sight. Adult medium sized dog has a dense and abundant snow-white fur that sticks out in all directions. This impenetrable wool, creating protection in bad weather. Height dogs 45-60 cm and weight 25-30 kg. The dog is very strong and can pull on a sled load exceeding its weight, its snow-white wool blends with snow and shining, why the dog is not visible from afar. Samoyed has always lived in the snow, and therefore never dirtied their fur. Dazzling white wool - is an incredible pride Samoyed. At the end of the hair are silver tides, they tend to sparkle, they reflect the sun's rays from the dog's body. In today's world Samoyed requires constant grooming, as it becomes a brand. However, this is the only negative, if you decide to have this wonderful dog.