Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in New York

Catalog of official dog breeders of the Australian Shepherd breed in US by New York State.

Here is a list of official dog breeders of the Australian Shepherd breed. Our website is to help everyone who wants to buy dogs of a certain breed find responsible and reliable kennels in the US.

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Breed Australian Shepherd
United States
14-29 lbs
12-18 years
If you would like to learn more about the Australian Shepherd breed, we suggest you check out this page.

List of Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in New York State

Breeder Name Location Website
Worldwide Puppies and Kittens USA, NY, 11710 website
Magical Toy Aussies USA, NY, 14422 website
Buster and Whiskers – Astoria Dog Walking Service USA, NY, 11103 website
Northern Aquarium Inc. USA, NY, 11354 website
NYC Doggystyle USA, NY, 11222 website
ASPCA Adoption Center USA, NY, 10128 website
Happy Dogs at McCarren Park USA, NY, 11211 website
Monster Mutt Doggie Daycare and Boarding USA, NY, 11201 website
NY Breeder USA, NY, 10607 website
American Kennel Club USA, NY, 10178 website
Watermark Australian Shepherds USA, NY, 13092 website
Snow Ridge Australian Shepherds USA, NY, 13035 website
Instinct Dog Behavior & Training USA, NY, 10029 website
Dream Come True K9 USA, NY, 10002 website
Puppy Paradise USA, NY, 11234 website
Hustle Pups NYC USA, NY, 11222 website
Citipups Village USA, NY, 10014 website
The Royal Dogs | pet grooming | dog daycare | boarding | USA, NY, 10021 website
Homespun Kennel USA, NY, 12477 website
Shake A Paw USA, NY, 11563 website
Canine Corral USA, NY, 11746 website
Petersons Fabulous Dogs USA, NY, 10459 website
Wileypup USA, NY, 10013 website
Best Puppies For Sale USA, NY, 11530 website
Australian Shepherd Puppies Long Island USA, NY, 11949 website
Long Island Puppies For Sale USA, NY, 11218 website
The Left Paw, LLC USA, NY, 11040 website
Little Paws Puppies For Sale USA, NY, 11229 website
Vanity Pups Boutique USA, NY, 11361 website
Empire Puppies USA, NY, 11358 website
Little Paws Puppies For Sale USA, NY, 11385 website
Central Park Puppies USA, NY, 10704 website
PawParks.NYC USA, NY, 10038 website
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