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For sale are two beautiful Welsh terrier sisters aged 7 months.

You can buy them together or separately. Both females are fully vaccinated according to the protocol on infectious diseases, are regularly cleaned of endoparasites and external parasites and are microchipped. They have complete documentation that includes a pedigree and passport.

Welsh terriers are known for their energy, intelligence, and loyalty. This breed is ideal for families because they love children and get along well with other pets. Their courage, liveliness, and devotion to their owners make them excellent companions.

Apart from the fact that these sisters are extremely lovely and friendly, they also have excellent genetics, which makes them a special example of their breed. Welsh Terriers are also very adaptable, easy to train and can adapt to different lifestyles - from active families to quieter households.

Additional benefits:
- Professional support: we will provide you with all the necessary care and training advice so that you and your new pets can adapt quickly and easily

- Possible delivery: if you are not able to collect them personally, we offer the possibility of delivery to your home address

For more information and to arrange a visit, feel free to contact us. Do not miss the opportunity to add such precious members to your family!

Contact us at +381693322666
E-mail: [email protected]


Pet Type: Dogs
Pet Type: Dogs
Pet Type: Dogs

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